Friday, August 3, 2012


I can't believe we are already into August. Where has this year gone? It's time for school to start back and to me that means it's time to start thinking of Christmas. Yikes! Way too early. But that's all I'm doing is thinking about it.

I also can't believe my youngest grandchild, Luci will be 8 this month and my oldest will be 19 in September - gosh I can't believe it.

I have found a new favorite TV show on TLC, The Learning Channel. It is 'Craft Wars'. I absolutely love reality shows. I was kinda creative and crafty some 20 years ago but since then not so much but on this show I am finding some new inspiration. So far I've learned how to make tissue paper flowers and they look like they belong on a float. Actually I haven't used any of this knowledge yet - gotta get some supplies for a couple of things I've seen so far. I am so looking forward to putting something together. I will share it if I do a good enough job.

Haven't taken any flower photos lately. The gardens are kinda ugly right now with a few blooms but mostly bloomed out plants. There is lots to do in the gardens but I've been lazy. The lazy days of summer I think is what is really.

But I have been perusing my spring garden books dreaming of next year. But before spring, comes the fall and winter. I am making plans for a fall garden and hope I can bring it to fruition. Finances always play the biggest part of those decisions.

Hope you have a nice weekend.