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Monday, November 16, 2009

In The Holiday Spirit

I love the Olive Garden so we had to stop for a glass of wine. I rarely ever drink but is was nice to have some wine as we talked about stuff. I colored my hair after the photo since I was sporting too much grey. We all seemed to enjoy each others visit even more than in times past. I hated to see her go home, but the time I spend with the sister that lives here brought us closer together too.

I found this bowl at Ross stores for only 3 dollars. I love it. But I am ready to put it away and make room for more festive decorations.
So this weekend I took out one of my boxes of holiday decorations and began to pull stuff out. I just wanted something more cheery.
Here are a few of my favorite things for this time of year.

The little figurines in the next 2 photos were bought when my kids were young. I can't believe the Home Interior pieces are more than 20 years old. My kids loved these pieces.

One of my favorites is the Santa hanging over the fireplace. There is so much detail on the fireplace and the Santa. The piece is a Christopher Radko. The bears are cherished teddies.

I am starting my shopping this week and this puts me in more of a holiday spirit for shopping. Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite pieces.
Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I just love to open my mail box and find something in there for me that isn't a bill. My first gift from National Home Gardening Club and I was so excited. This has been on my list of things I must have real soon - so perfect timing. My old one was well used and was cheap so this is a very nice one. I will HAVE to use it this weekend to do the flower bed in the next photo. This weekend I will put out some bloom burst on these plants. It's is going to be beautiful and pleasant and a wonderful Easter.

Needs work.

The awesome azalea is still so full of buds. On every tip.

The fake snake scares off the birds from the peach trees. Look how nice the peaches are looking.

Can't wait to eat one.
The peach trees.
There are clusters of blueberries all over the bush. These will be good. Last year they were so sweet and made some delicious muffins, pancakes and cobbler. Oooohhhh so good.

It is a little more difficult to catch a good shot of the Bradford pear tree. It is taller and a little harder to photograph. Last year the tree was loaded with maturing pears, and of course the pears falling to the ground. The next morning while walking around outside I noticed the tree was bare and so was the ground. No sign of pear no where. I discovered that a honey bear had found the tree overnight and apparently shook the tree and left no crumbs anywhere - only the tracks.
You can see in the photo one pear. I had to look up to get this shot - all the babies are up above the leaves.

When I was a little girl I remember going to church with my Mamaw and Papa along with about 15-20 of my first cousins. On Easter Mamaw would try to get all 35 of us grandkids to church on the same day. She would always recieve the special flowers for having so many in church on a single Sunday. We all enjoyed it so much playing and hunting eggs. I am the third from the oldest of the grandkids so as I got older I came to be the helper. I sure miss my Mamaw and Papa. But I still have my beautiful mother. I am blessed this Easter.