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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Herbs Added

Hope you had a good weekend. I did. I went shopping and anytime I go shopping I am having a good time. Look what I bought. My very first Bougainvilla and it is stunning. This was not at a walmart store either. I bought it from a local nursery. Now I have to learn to take care of it. Any tips would be appreciated.

I have been becoming more and more interested in cooking with fresh herbs. So this weekend I purchased a few to add to my gardens.
This is Lemon Thyme and it smells so good. I used some this weekend on some chicken I was grilling. It was OK. I will have to experiment. Give me some hints as to what or how to use it.

This is Michael Basil. It also has a nice scent.

The rosemary smells good too. I used it this weekend with the lemon thyme on the chicken.  Again it was just OK.

I thought some cherry tomatoes would be good to add to my gardens.

And some sweet basil.

Any hints or recommendations on the herbs would be appreciated.

Did you look at the Supermoon this weekend. I love to look at the moon anyway and this was a special treat. It was so bright. 

I hope you all have a good day.