Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Blooms

I'm still here ya'll. I know I've been MIA and don't really have an excuse other than I just am. Anyway not much going on in my world. I took these pics a few weeks ago and just haven't gotten around to posting them.

Bougainvilla is doing great considering the time of year. I am falling in love with this plant.

 Kitty Cat loves the garden.

Have ya'll seen the new 'skinny houses'. I really don't know what they are called but they appear very small. I first saw these on HGTV during one of the reality shows where they each had to decorate one of these type homes. Notice they are long and narrow. This is how homes were built a long time ago and were called 'shotgun' houses'. They got that name because you could open either door and shoot strait through to the other side. These are the only 'skinny homes' I've seen. It will be interesting to see how these fair in a hurricane.
 I bet they are designed for efficiency and storage. Probably making use of every inch of the home including the ceiling and attic if it even has one but I bet it does. These two homes are facing each other as you can see.
I just thought they were interesting so I wanted to share them.

This is what fall looks like here on the gulf coast. Very little color but the weather is so nice. Our weather has been seasonable for the most part with hi's in the 60's/70's and lows around 50 or so.

I've been doing some baking and still loving it. This is Sand Tarts and the recipe is can be found by going here: http://beccascookingspot.blogspot.com/

Hope you all have a fabulous day.