Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I need...

 I need to get my hands dirty and sniff the good soil. I'm dreaming of this today.

Ya'll have a good day. What are you doing today?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feeling Like Spring

I have enjoyed this warm weather we have been experiencing. It feels so much like spring. I have to keep reminding myself that this is February. Temps this week have been seasonable in the mid-low sixties and cool nights in the forties.

This weekend I planted some bulbs and roots and put down some seeds. It is too early to be putting seeds out but I just couldn't resist.

Still have lots to do in this area but I couldn't resist getting something in the ground here. I planted hollyhocks and echinacea purpea and some seeds.

The yellow Knockout roses were hard to resist at Lowe's...

And the red Knockout roses were so full of buds too.

A new Bruce Plum tree was sitting pretty at Lowe's and begging to come home. Have to get another for pollination.

The peach trees have blooms though they don't seem as big and full as 2 years ago.

The azaleas are getting ready to be so pretty. This particular one has been blooming for the past 3 months.

Put down another starter garden. I put down Clematis Jackmanii and Bleeding Heart and some seeds. I intended to go all the way around but I wimped out on Saturday so I'll get back to that later. I noticed after taking this that the neighbor cat has been in here. 

The daffodils are so bright in an otherwise dreary looking garden.

My mother will be meeting with a surgeon next week to discuss removing the cancer in her lung. It is looking positive for a good recovery. We are being positive and believing she will be fine. Thank you for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This N That (and a prayer request)

We managed to get a lot more of the property cleared off around the edges of the property. I can actually see the property line now. This would be a good place for a bench a flowering tree and a shade garden. It will not happen anytime soon but is a work in progress. I have lots of areas to work on.

This is the same area and this is on the south side of the yard.

This is the west side of the shed and is also a work in progress.

I can't believe that it is Feb 1 and my parsley never died. We have had virtually no winter this year.

The daffodils are pretty even if they seem to be smaller plants this year. The blooms appear to be full size but the plants themselves are kinda small.

Too bad these are blurry.

And the skies were so pretty to greet me yesterday morning.

I knew the news wasn't good when I got a call last Friday from my mother calling from the doctors office telling me that she needs to tell us something and tell us together. She has lung cancer. The doctor told them that it is early and that he thinks he can operate and cut it out. Tomorrow she has an appt for a PET scan and then to the doctors office. My sister and I will be coming along on this visit to talk to the doctor with them. I am trying to not be too worried but it is looming over my head constantly. Keep my mom in your prayers please.