Friday, May 10, 2013

Loving My Gardens And Blogging Plus Fertlizer Friday

February 5, 2009 I began my blog. Today blogger says this is my 400th post. I love blogging and being able to look back at previous years to see what was doing well and so on and so forth and what have you(love that line from the Middle). I've loved gardening most of my life but never as I do now. It is my passion so I love to share what I have done. I've met so many wonderful people through blogging. We have gone through some things together with our personal lives and have grown to really care about people through blogging cyber space - people we've never actually met. I've taken a few hiatus's and I'm sure I will again. Sometimes we just feel like it for whatever reason.
I'm joining the flaunt at Tootsie Time today.
Now on with some blooms I found this week.
Still in love with foxglove. 

Siberian Iris. 

Dahlias. Someone is munching here.

This scabiosa came from Harvest Garden Supply. I've never grown scabiosa before so I am hopeful that it will get bigger and the blooms larger. The plant is hardly noticeable.

I have lots of dianthus around. It is a good filler and does pretty well in my gardens. It doesn't frown during a lack of water or too much. A trooper it is.

There was no way I wanted to leave the garden center without this gorgeous white hydrangea. It didn't have a name on it and I haven't looked it up but it is gorgeous and has a lot of blooms and buds. The petals are so frilly.

The pink lady hibiscus is a great performer so far. I expect to have blooms for most of the summer from this one.

Mmmm how did this picture do this. Loaded from the same group. This is Jethro Tull Coreopsis from Garden Harvest Supply. I expect to have blooms from this one most of the summer as well.

Love the many colors that Dahlia Figaro throws from one plant. The plants are small and make a great filler. This one is a return from last year. I put out more new seeds this year but so far no blooms. Uh Lucky wouldn't move when I told him too so...

The photo doesn't do this justice. This is a beautiful Hybrid Tea Golden Glow (yellow). Lots of buds on this little pretty.

The veggie garden is coming along so nice. The garden was planted at the end of March. Tomato plants have grown to the top of the baskets. All plants have produce on them. 
Won't be long for some squash now. This is my favorite veggie from the garden. Nothing better than produce that you grew yourself.

This was a surprise I found yesterday. I believe this is columbine so correct me if I'm wrong. I planted columbine last year but never say it come up and just figured the neighbors cat had got to it since he tore up this entire garden last year. After that I didn't re-do it. Maybe I'll get back to it this summer. It is around my best pecan tree and the tree would benefit greatly but lots of large roots to dig around.

Love the colors on this one. They have such pretty blooms
Well that's it for today. So happy it's Fridaaaay!!!
Hope you have a nice day and weekend. Happy blogging...
(PS I weighed yesterday and I haven't been this size/weight since 1974.)
Joining Tootsie Time today for Fertilizer Friday.