Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fertilizer Friday

Well my days are mixed up. I will try to hook up this evening or in the morning but I may not get back to a computer.

I am joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer today. Ya'll step on over and catch all the blooms and greenery.

I have lots of greenery today. All with big expectations for some gorgeous blooms.

This is my first bleeding heart. Can't wait to see it bloom.

This is Endless Summer Hydrangea. I want more of these blooming babies. I'm looking for blooms all summer long.

I forgot what this one is called but she hasn't performed well for me. Hasn't bloomed in 2 years so I moved it to this new location last month. Looks happier here so we will see. Keeping my green fingers crossed.

This is my new Jackmanii Clematis. This is also a new plant for me this year. I'm looking for a good performer here too.

This iris was beautiful last year so I'm looking forward to some nice blooms.

My only hosta that keeps coming back only to be eaten to the ground. Every hosta I plant is eaten up by something. Maybe this one can grow uninterrupted (sp) this year.

My shasta daisies keep getting bigger and multiplying nicely.

This baby will be bringing in some butterflies soon. 

I believe this is zinnia - probably Green Envy Zinnia.

I believe this to be my new echinacea purpea. Can't wait to see how it does.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe this is larkspur. This is the only patch I see of this and that makes me sad. Something went terribly wrong with the seeds I harvested. They became all moldy. If anyone knows why that happened please tell me. 

I need help with these next two plants. I have no idea what this is and really don't remember when the seeds were thrown out. Anyone with any idea?

I think Darla said this might be foxglove. Help me out. I've never grown foxglove before and put out seeds two years ago and nothing happened. Could this be from those seeds? 

I have put out a lot of seeds and we'll see how they do.

Hope you all are having a nice day. Rain is on its way here and we welcome it.

I will get by to visit you all as I can. My mom came through the surgery good and is in ICU. She is on a ventilator and is on plenty of pain killers. All this is to be expected. Today her vitals are good and that is very encouraging. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for momma. I will relay to her all the good wishes she has had and it will make her happy to be thought of by so many people. My pop is having a hard time with all of this since he has lost 2 wives while they were on a ventilator and he is very anxious. He thinks no one is doing enough. Keep him in your prayers too. Please continue keep her in your prayers and thoughts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin Tuesday ya'll. So glad to see Jean getting us going this year with some lovely blooms. Especially good since so many of us have been enjoying an early spring.

Couldn't ask for a prettier weekend. Blue skies - temps around 80 - light breeze - low humidity - it was just right. Hope you had a nice weekend too. I couldn't help but to get outside and enjoy the weather and my gardens.




I love these tiny little triple blooms on the daffodils. This is the last of the daffs to bloom.

Spirea - we call it bridal wreath.

My favorite azalea. This one blooms after all the others have lost their flowers. The shrub is loaded with buds.

Worked on this bed a little more. Looks like a half a dog bone. Maybe I should keep the shape and call it Buddy's garden. LOL

This lonely little geranium. More will be joining this baby soon.

Moss Rose. Love these hardy little plants.

We bought a tangerine tree. It is named Dandy Tangerine. It is loaded with little fruit already.

This is what the weekend and today looks like. Beautiful and pleasant. This is why I like living on the Gulf Coast of Alabama.

Hope you all have a fabulous day.

PS My mother will be in surgery in the morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Gardening Weekend

My fruit trees and bushes have never looked so good and full of fruit. Didn't get a pic of the pear tree but check out the blueberries. The bush has more than I've ever seen on it. It will be leaning to the ground soon it will be so heavy.

And the same goes for the peach trees. I expect a lot of good eatable peaches this year. Last year they weren't eatable.

I love this snapdragon and it is a return from last year. I like the softness of the yellow and pinks with the creamy color.

I went shopping this weekend and picked up a few verbena, dianthus, pentas, angelonia, begonia's and a geranium and something else I can't think of right now. I worked on Friday, Saturday and a couple hours on Sunday. I was worn out but was happy when I stepped back and looked at my accomplishments. I didn't get it all done but will work on it during the week after work. I love this time of year. It's busy but a good busy.

I got busy right away and went to cleaning out and planting.

Pentas (yet to be planted)

Angelonia (yet to be planted). This one is new to me but I think I'm gonna like it.

Geranium (yet to be planted). I really do not know why I only bought one except I couldn't hold anymore in my hands. (didn't want to lay them down to get a buggy - I know - if I can't carry anymore I'll spend less money right)

I put down a lot of seeds too. This garden will be filled in before long.

The big picture.

Begonia's coming back from last year. Love when they do this.

I can't wait to see this one filled in. Put down 6 - 6 packs of begonia's here. I think it will add nicely to this partly shady garden.

I moved this hydrangea to the refreshed shade bed here. It was in the front porch garden but it hasn't bloomed in three years. I hope it will be happier here and give a bloom. Otherwise it's days could be numbered.

Potted the mandevilla and placed in the partly shaded garden.

This is my new bleeding heart. I think it will like this spot under the pecan tree. I know you can't miss all those seedlings beside it. The garden is on a slant and all the seeds I put down washed down the hill. Oh well we'll see what happens here. 

I also received my three roses from QVC-Cottage Farms Nursery (located right here in Mobile county). Funny I can't go to their location and shop - I have to shop from them online or thru QVC. I'm expecting a few gorgeous roses from the three I ordered. They are only about 4" tall but are expected to be about 3' this year and full grown next year at 4'. The roses are 'Liv Tyler', Rouge Royale, Sweet Promise.

Hope you have a great day and a lovely week.

Friday, March 16, 2012

TGIF and Fertilizer Friday

It's Fertilizer Friday over at Glenda's - Tootsie Time. Go visit and check out the other beautiful blooms.

I'm so happy it's Friday. It has been a long week. I am certainly enjoying the time change only in that I have extra time to work in the gardens after work. The dark mornings not so much but the trade off is good.

I went shopping this weekend at Lowe's and look what I came home with. This gorgeous Hibuscus. I'm gonna enjoy this beauty.

Gosh the name escapes me on this one. I'm looking forward to lots of blooms on this pretty thing. The color is so hard to photograph.

Also picked up another Plum - Santa Rosa Plum. Wonderful pollinator to the Bruce Plum.

I was surprised yesterday to see a few whites I hadn't spotted before. They are bursting out now with the sunshine and warm temps. Love the bridal wreath - spirea.

I so love snapdragons in any form or fashion. The blooms are so delicate looking.

And dianthus is a great performer in my gardens.

I am hoping for another shopping trip this weekend in search of some flowers with blooms on them for some color till some of the seeds do what they want to do. Direct sowing these seeds will be a test and either they make it or not. Seeds aren't expensive. I'm looking forward to a little garden time this afternoon on this beautiful day along the Gulf Coast.

Hope you all have a great weekend and get a chance to get down and dirty.