Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Shade Garden

Hope you blogger buddies are having a nice day wherever you are. Just wanted to share my shade garden today.

(I'm sorry I have to say this again - I hate blogger now!@ Now I feel better.)

Morning Glory.
This is my only little - and it is little - bloom on this tiny plant. It is needing a trellis to climb on so that is in my radar. 

 The bloom is kinda lacey looking in behind the bloom. Too bad it doesn't photo well so you can see what I'm talking about.
 This is the shade garden that is only meant to grow in size. Lots of room down the side of the house for more shady areas soon to be developed. I planted lots and lots of begonia's here. All in all about 5 six packs so I lined the front with them. Added some coral bells and coleus too. There are columbine seedlings you can see. I love the mandevilla here too in the red clay pot that is old as dirt.

We are feeling like summer has come in such a short time. Record lows set on Mon and Tue and possible record highs over the weekend. What's a gardener to do... No rain in the forecast either... So glad I have a working sprinkler.

I'm excited - going to see the grands this weekend. Luci is wanting MawMaw to help her in the garden to plant some flowers. Well it didn't take me long to say I'd be there soon as I can. I'll get some pics to share.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Gardens

UGGGHHH Blogger has gone thru some changes this morning. I hate forced changes. I also hate learning new computer stuff.

My gardens are getting busy with bees, bugs, butterflys, weeds, and plants and flowers and me of course. And this is the best time of year in my book when there is so much green and new colors in the garden beds. I love driving up to my house and seeing the gardens as I come down the street.

All of these pics are from only one of my gardens. This is beside the driveway in front.

Dahlia Figaro seeds are doing well here in this bed. Do you think I'll have any blooms? I hope so as they are in a spot that there must be some color.

Some of you identified this one as Yarrow. I've never grown this before. I had no idea that it is a spreader. All of the shoots near the bottom are growing new plants beside it. Am I gonna hate this. It seems to be a rapid spreader?

I believe this is echinacea. The echinacea I have in my yard not just this garden is coming up from seed. This one is from seed. It has a foxglove beside it and they are fighting for space. Hoping for some pretty blooms. There a couple of echinacea plants here.

Foxglove that is growing from seed. All of my foxglove is from seed except the one I bought yesterday. I sure am hoping that I get some blooms this year.

Help me out here. I think this is larkspur. Is it?

Yesterday I could'nt resist more snapdragons. I purchased every one they had. But check it out. When I went out to take these pics I realized I had left these uncovered. 

I had already taken my bath but I got out and covered them up. It's OK I didn't mind getting my hands dirty again.

All covered up and snuggled into the soil.

I found some pretty dahlias yesterday 'Dahlia Dahlinova'. The sun was directly on them so the pic is kinda bright.

My first foxglove - 'Foxglove Camelot'. There was no selection of foxgloves yesterday and they are pricey too. Can you see the poppie plants? I am still hoping for a bloom since they are growing pretty good now. 

I have enjoyed shopping at Home Depot garden center this year. They have had the best selections in plants and they are very healthy.

So this is what the garden looks like now. There is butterfly bush and milkweed and lots of dianthus, cannas and plenty of hollyhocks, echinacea and a few more I can't think of right now going to bloom in this garden. Keeping the green thumbs crossed.

Excuse the blury picture. Mosquitos were biting me and I jerked. The mosquitos and many other bugs are worse than usual this year due to the unusually warm winter. Sometimes its hard to be outside - constantly swatting.

I surprised mom with some flowers and dirt and planted her garden yesterday. She was tickled to death. She was napping when I got there and it was done when she woke up. I planted lantana, mexican heather, salvia, begonias, snapdragons and pentas. She has some seeds in here too and I didn't want to disturb too many of them. I may have to go back and fill in where the seeds don't make it this year.

At mom's.

I can't believe how big this fern is.

Hope you have a nice weekend.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Weekend

This is my black gold. One big bag of Miracle Gro Garden Soil and a bag of Black Kow. This does a garden good... I enhance the soil of all of my gardens every year.

I enjoyed a gorgeous weekend with very comfortable temps around 78-80 and cool mornings. And the most beautiful blue skies a person/gardener could ask for. 

This is one of my gardens - South Full Sun Garden....

Once this was mixed I began to work on this...

We've been meaning to get this done and finally we got around to it. My friend made the container out of scrap to be tossed out from work and we painted the post. I have no idea why this post is buried in my ground but I made something pretty out of it. The hat is hiding the blunt top till I get a small bird bath to fit the top. Geranium and dusty miller is nice together. Perhaps I need to add a few sprigs of purslane or moss rose to add more interest.

I was thrilled and you could hear me yell with happiness when I spotted this lisianthus in Home Depot and they were only $2 a piece. I've been wanting this but had given up. I ordered seeds but they got blown away before I even opened the seeds up. I've never seen it sold locally so I was excited. They are loaded with blooms and my only regret is that I didn't buy more. Oh I'll be going back there this week though - you can count on that.. perhaps not for this though..there are so many new plants to choose from.

I love mexican heather and don't know why I'm just now adding it to my gardens.

Pretty moss rose. They are such proficient bloomers.

South Full Sun Garden. Actually I have no areas in my yard that get more than 8 hours of sun and this one is bordering on 8 as it gets around 7-1/2 to 8. Soon it will have hollyhocks and echinacea and zinnia green envy blooming here. Last weekend I transplanted into this garden shasta daisy, more echinacea and salvia. In behind the garden you see there are three roses planted in each one of those what looks like empty spots. I have to say my composition was way off when I designed this so I've got a lot of work to do to get the shapes like I want them.

My view from my easy chair on Saturday.  Molly is picking up her ball in the background.

Molly is waiting on me to throw her golf ball. Buddy - he could care less...

NOW she is saying...

Please she says...

Pay attention to me... I'm gonna jump so you can see me....

 Can you see the muscles on this dog. She is a rat terrier and she sleeps with her ball and poops with the ball in her mouth and even barks with the ball in her mouth. Crazy ball lovin dog.

Hope you all have a nice day.

(Hope all the bad weather stays away from you...)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fertilizer Friday

Joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.


You should have seen me grinning when I spotted this beauty in the front garden.
I love surprises like this. I haven't even seen a bud and here I have this gorgeous Iris.
I planted this one 2-3 years ago and finally I have a bloom and lots of buds. 

Same bloom with the sun shining.

I can't believe the pansy's just keep on coming.







We are having some fantastic weather here. It has been in the mid 70's and inching up around 80 this weekend. And the blue skies are so pretty to see.

Hope you have a great weekend.