Thursday, January 27, 2011

This n That

Hey everybody - I'm still here. I know you haven't been hearing much from me lately. I'm just so busy at work right now. That's really a good thing. It means that work is picking up and that means more people are working. It is the beginning of the year and most of you know that I am an accountant so you know what that means. Busy busy.

I am ashamed to say that I haven't made into the gardens yet this year. My gardens are in real need of attention. I have noticed new growth and signs of spring coming. The peach trees have little pink tips and that means in probably 4 weeks or less I'll have blooms on the tree. Spring is just around the corner and I know that all of you gardening buddies have hands itching to get into the soil. I'm hoping for some time in the yard this weekend.

I'll be getting a new stove delivered on Saturday. Yea! I'm so tired of cooking with only 2 eyes working. It's only me but still. I'll be a cooking this weekend.

I was thinking about something this morning. Do you remember (of course you do) when you fell in love and you felt like your world was coming together so happily. Do you remember that this person you loved so much just made you want to be a better person. Do you remember that that feeling wasn't about sex at all but true love and devotion. Do you remember how you looked forward to waking up with them in the morning and looking forward to spending your day together just being together.

I was thinking about this in regards to my relationship with Jesus. He just makes me want to be a better person. He makes me look forward to waking up and going about my day knowing that He is with me. I'm just saying....

Have you guys figured out that I love taking photos of the sky and clouds. I love clouds. There is so much interest in watching them.

At the beginning of year Buddy and I have started walking again on the trail by my house. It is feeling so good and am looking forward to getting home everyday and putting on my walking shoes. I tell Buddy "do you want to go for a walk" and he starts stretching and goes to the door and waits. Just so cute. It feels good to me and I know Buddy feels better too. I switched his food to Beneful Healthy weight. He may be losing a little. We'll soon go in for the annual vaccines and see. The vet never said anything about him needing to lose weight but he does eat a lot for a little one who doesn't get much activity.

This last photo was this mornings drive to work. Peaceful.

The weather is nicing up down here on the coast. Expected highs coming up over the next 7 days is warming up to 70 on Monday. This just makes one yearn for spring.

Well that's about it for me. I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend filled with lots of love and good memories.

Today I am thankful for praying ladies. What a blessing...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This and That

Hey - I'm still here. Not much going on in my world right now. I've been browsing prior years garden magazines and visiting the garden centers. I purchased a few dahlias. My goal is to dig up and put down at least one preferably two new garden areas in the yard. This is the time of year to do that since the weather is cool for such hard work and the ground is soft. Looking forward to the spring flowers.

I can't say that I'm a Mardi Gras person anymore. I used to take my kids when they were small. But I just didn't get into it really. But I love the colorfullness of Mardi Gras the purples, yellows and greens. And I LOVE the King Cakes. All the bakeries get geared up this time of year to roll out tons of cinnamon dough and then fill them with all kinds of fillings. Just about anything you like can be made into a filling. I prefer the cream cheese filling and that is what this one is. I couldn't resist this weekend when I saw these in the bakery. You know it's fresh because they have just began to put these out. So yummy.

The history behind the Mardi Gras King Cake

The King Cake is believed to have originated in France around the 12th Century. These early Europeans celebrated the coming of the three wise men bearing gifts twelve days after Christmas calling it the feast of the Epiphany, Twelfth Night of Kings's Day.

The main part of the celebration was the baking of a King Cake to honor the three Kings. The cakes were made circular to portray the circular route used by the Kings to get to the Christ Child and confuse King Herod, who was trying to follow the wise men so he could kill the Christ Child. In these early King Cakes, a bean, a pea or a coin was hidden inside the cake. The peron who got the hidden piece was declared King for the day, or was said to have good luck in the coming year.

In Louisiana, Twelfth Night also signifes the beginning of the carnival season, which ends on Mardi Gras Day. The beans, peas and coins have been replaced by a small plastic baby to symbolize the Christ Child. The person who gets the baby is expected to carry on the carnival festivities by hosting the next King Cake Party.

You can see the cinnamon and the cream cheese filling. Also the icing is cream cheese. I also like the strawberry and the raspberry. Oh and chocolate and .....
 The plastic baby used to be found inside the cake but many people have been injured from biting into the plastic that the cakes are sold with the baby in celophane and you can place the baby into the cake yourself. I don't do the baby in the cake.

Not complaing about the weather. Rain is coming and temps are seasonable.

Have a great day everyone.

I'm thankful for the clouds and rain today.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Gonna Sew

There are so many reasons I needed to have a new sewing machine. When I was probably around 12-13 I learned to sew on my mom's foot pedal sewing machine and it was a Singer. When I married and had my little girl I began to sew her's and my clothing. I loved making those pretty little lacy and frilly dresses. Somewhere along the way I just stopped sewing. I've missed it and am so glad to have a new machine. Well the new ones are all computerized so we shall see how easy it is. I got a Brother from Wal Mart with 50 stitches.

 Check out the instructions for just winding the bobbin. Steps 1 - 16. That seems like  a lot just for the bobbin but guess what it isn't wound yet. I got started with it and got sidetracked.

Found this fabric on the clearance. It is yellow linen but forgot what the waffle fabric is. I was thinking curtains. These two fabrics look good together. We'll see because I might say one thing and then go off in another direction. I tend to do that sometime.

As with the fabric I just can't make up my mind. I bought 3 patterns. Bought these two first. I really like the shirt pattern but it won't do with the linen. It is too heavy for this shirt.
 I liked both of these curtain patterns. Don't laugh because I bought curtain patterns. I know that some of you will say just cut and fold and sew for curtains but it's been a long time for this old girl to get back up on that wagon. My window in my livingroom is huge. About 105" wide. That will require 4 average size panels for just the one window. I have figured almost 3 yards for each panel. That would be 6 yards for just the panels for the livingroom. But then I want valance too. Now that is going to be a lot of fabric and could definately go out and buy curtains cheaper than I can make them. But I am going to see what I can find at reasonable prices.

My daughter recommended (actually she put this in my hand) I read this book and I have started it and am reading it. Very good book. Thank you April.

Have a great day everybody!

I am thankful for the sunshine today.

A Blogger Need Some Encouraging Words

I have been following Lynda for about as long as I've been blogging and love learning and visiting Tanzania with her. Lynda is in a bad place right now and could use friends and encouraging words right now. This is something most of us have had to deal with at some point either directly or indirectly. Lynda I hope you don't mind me posting this. Pay her a visit today.... Her blog name Food, Fun & Farm Life in East Africa.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thinking About Warm Days

January 3, 2011


Have a good day and stay warm where ever you are. Think spring like Darla. She has started many seeds already.

Monday, January 3, 2011


After seeing that Darla has some things sprouting up I decided to check what I could find. Actually I only found a couple of things. Hyancinth. These were the prettiest things I've ever seen. Oh but then there are the poppies and oh the .... well you get the picture.
 Daffodils will be blooming in the next 5-7 weeks.
 Mushrooms. Don't they look wierd.
 I was thinking this might be poppies but if so they are everywhere. Not so sure. I'm gonna check last years post... should've done that first. I checked last years photos and it looks like poppies.
Well I'm glad to have a new year. I have high hopes and plans for this year. I plan to put in at least one but plan on two new gardens this year. Will be getting started on that soon.

Have a great Monday.