Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday - yipee!!!

I thought I'd share some pics I've taken since my last post. Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted. I appreciate the emails and comments asking about me. You are so thoughtful. I'm actually fine. I have been a little on the depressed side and haven't felt like posting but I am feeling better.

Are you familiar with the Four Agreements - a book written by Miguel Ruiz? It is an outstanding book. This is the Four Agreements - 1. Be Impeccable with your word and don't use the word to speak against yourself but to say what you really mean:) 2. Don't take anything personally because what others do or say is a projection of their own reality:) 3. Don't make assumptions - communication is everything and be clear and precise:) 4. Always do your best and remember your best is not the same everyday - simply do your best.

Anyway on with some blooms.

Morning glory.

Knock Out rose.


Love the huge blooms on the hibuscus.

This is some of the damage from the long dry spell we have just been through. Since my post on June 14 there had been no rain till Monday this week and it has rained everyday. I love rain and am not complaining one bit.

This is one of the gardens that has suffered a lot of damage. Watering with the garden hose has kept most alive but thats about all it's done. All of them will bounce back but many plants have died so I need to replace them. Grrr

I did find a couple of drought tolerant plants. The dahlia figaro has started to bloom. The plants are so tiny and the blooms are small to match the plant but oh so pretty. They are blooming different colors now.

Zinnia's are pretty tolerant of the heat and drought. Hope to get some seeds from this one.

Morning glory but look at the plant foliage. yuck.

Angelonia, Green Envy Zinnia's and Coneflower.


Green Envy zinnia. Looking to get some seeds from this too.

Portulalca covers the ground in this garden with lisianthus and dusty miller visible.

Got some butterfly action. This particular butterfly has occupied this garden for a quite a while now. His favorite seems to be the pentas hanging out on them all day long.

More of this expected today.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.