Monday, March 9, 2009

First Garden

The weekend was awsome here on the Gulf Coast. With temps in the upper 70's, there were people taking in the sun on the beaches and in the gardens. I managed to get a move on doing some much needed outdoor work in the yard and garden. What a chore it was for this old lady - I dug me a flower bed and I mean dug. The grass was thick in the area out the back door along the backside of the house. This would be the south side of the house and receives an abundance of sun of least 7 hours. The dirt was rich black like blackgold, so I didn't need to add any amendants to the soil.

This is what I planted: gladiolas mixed colors, dahlia "Seattle"1-yellow/white and 1-deep red/white "Mystery Day", small dahlia "Blusette Pink", Mexican Heather, lantana's, ranuculus, and petunias. I believe this will yield me a very colorful garden.

All about the rest of the yard, the peach tree is covered in gorgeous pink blooms. The pear tree is full of white blooms and elsewhere in the yard the blueberries are blooming. I have a couple of flowering trees that I am not sure what they are so I am going to check them out.


deedee said...

Are you going to post some pictures? I'd love to see the peach tree in bloom :)

Becca's Dirt said...

yes. My camera will arrive in just a few days. My old one broke.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It sounds very pretty. Digging like that is hard work! Glad you were able to get some new things planted. Enjoy the nice weather.

Susie said...

It all sounds lovely Becca. I wish I had your soil. The description sounds like anything would grow well in it.

Gardeness said...

Oh you're plenty busy! Sounds like great things going in, too. I must track down that 'Seattle' dahlia for obvious reasons! Can't wait for you to get your camera and see all the lovely photos.

ga.farmwoman said...

It does sound beautiful. I need to find some more time to be working in my flower beds.
The weather is wonderful here right now too. My asparagus is sprouting up already.
I can't wait to plant something, anything.
Have a great day.