Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I Found After The Rain

We gardeners get excited when we see knew birth in our yards and I got excited yesterday upon checking my stuff.

This is an azalea which I do not know the name. This one blooms after the flowers have fallen from the other azalea bushes. The flower looks like a rose bloom. I have searched and haven't been able to identify it yet. Can anyone identify this azalea?

This bridal wreath is doing well. I cut on it last year and thought that I had cut too much. But it is doing OK.
I was beginning to think the Dahlia seeds I planted here was not going to make a show. But maybe they will bear a few flowers.

This begonia is doing pretty well in spite of being relocated this past weekend due to the heavy rains washing some of the bed last week.

I added more soil to repair the damage done to the bed from last weeks deluge of 12" of rain. Seems after yesterdays rain it faired pretty well.

Finally I got a picture of the little baby pears. This is a bradford pear tree. It is loaded with these little babies.

I made this compost container a couple of months ago. I need grass cuttings in it before adding more leaved and kitchen waste. The grass will be cut by the weekend.

We are expecting another round of heavy rain tomorrow and maybe it will be outta here. A good boating weekend might be in store. I need some sun on a sandbar up the Escatawpa River.


Dirt Princess said...

I love the azalea, maybe someone can identify it. Dahlias are doing well. They will shoot up in no time. You pics are great

Rosemarie said...

I love the pear tree - can't wait to see it in full bloom with lots of fruit!

Prospero said...

I see your Georgia peach has babies already. My peach tree doesn't (maybe it's slower because it doesn't get as many chilling hours in Bermuda). Oh, I really like your helper, so sweet. Good luck with the new vegetable garden (thanks dad). And thanks for visiting my blog.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Beck, Looks like Spring has sprung in Alabama... I will say that Dahlias are usually summer bloomers--so that's why they seem late to you. Love the Begonias. I have about 5 hanging baskets with Begonias in them. I kept them in the garage all winter--hoping to keep them alive. They've come back for me before --although they are supposed to be annuals. I like Begonias because they bloom all summer and give us alot of color during the hot summer.

We also have a compost pile. They make the richest dirt possible. George uses it around his roses.

Have a great day!!

Marilyn Jones said...

Becca, the azalea that looks like a rose is like the one I have. The name is actually Rosebud, I believe.

Mildred said...

It's exciting to see everything growing isn't it?

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

That is a pretty azalea. I hope your rain stops, although it looks like your plants are happy anyway.

Susie said...

Don't know the identity of the azalea but it is a beauty!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I don't know which one it is either, but it sure is pretty.

Carla said...

Pretty blooms! (pretty kiddos in the next post too)

Sue said...

Lovely! It sounds like you are enjoying spring in your garden and with your family.