Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Chicks

I have decided to order my chicks as I have noticed other bloggers order theirs. I am getting ready to order some chicks and I want your input. I have chose 3 breeds from My Pet Chicken and some supplies to get started. Their prices seemed very reasonable and I can order as little as 3 chicks.

I have decided to order 6 - 2 of each breed.

Plymouth Rock Standard White
Rhode Island Standard Red
Australorp Standard

I am planning on building my pen and coop about 10x10 and constructing out of chicken wire and tin.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I know nothing about chickens, but I bet someone who does will.
I think it will be lots of fun and can't wait to see them!

EB said...

Remember to make the coop a good height so that you can more comfortably clean inside it. Standing room is the best if you can - it also gives the birds plenty of space for roosting, and the height helps to make it cooler. The system my parents have always used involves letting the hens out into different sections of the garden in rotation. This is good for the ground and the birds, if you can arrange it. But I've never kept birds myself so I'll shut up now!

Dirt Princess said...

EB this is why we much to learn. Becca...I knew someone could help you out..certainly not me though. Good info Emily

Becca's Dirt said...

Thank you Emily for your input. Standing room it is. I figured about 7' tall.

Star said...

Hello Becca, I would go for cross Rhode Island Red/West Sussex for the best results. You will get lovely brown eggs. Mine laid one egg a day each for most of the year. They usually had a day off on Sundays.

You should get six chicks because they do best in a flock. If you buy 3 and 1 or 2 die and then you get some more, the new ones will pick on the existing one. They can be quite cannibalistic.

You need to feed them chick crumbs to start with and then layers pellets or corn and other grain mixed. They drink a lot of water so you need a suitable container that won't get soiled.

They need about a foot square space each minimum and free to range grassy space as well to keep them in peak condition.

When you introduce them to their home, do it at dust. Put them in their sleeping quarters and shut the door. That way they will feel safe. In the morning let them out. Then at dusk of the first day, they will remember the safe place they slept in the previous night and be happy to go there again.

Hope that helps.

Blessings, Star

Susie said...

Wish I could offer some help but I don't know nothin bout them chicks. I have a friend at Luscious Biscuits who is starting chickens. Her blog site is on my side bar.

nanatrish said...

I would love to help, but I am a city girl and pretty clueless about chickens. I will enjoy seeing the pictures though. Good luck with them.

Gardengurl09 said...

Hi Becca, this will be my first year with chickens, too. I am so excited but of course a little apprehensive too. Good luck with your wee flock.

Kim and Victoria said...

Your veg garden looks great! 10" of rain??? That's unheard of around here. We get about 12" per YEAR.
We've ordered our chicks from a local nursery about 30 minutes away. Still couldn't get them until next month, they're so busy with orders. Guess that's good, right? It will be interesting seeing everyone's coops being built, and chicks arrive. We're only allowed three so we've ordered Araucana, Barred Plymouth Rock and a Wyandotte.

Nat said...

'Kim and Victoria' and I are in the same city, I too can only have 3 hens. I was lucky enough to find a nice lady (Mary at that buys chicks from our local hatchery and raises them to 8wks to sell. I just got them, so I'm doing a post about it tonight :-D Just make sure they have a balanced diet, layer pellets, some occasional corn and give them your veggie and fruit scraps so they get their greens. I wish you luck with the building process!

Heather said...

I found a great site to read during my research phase. It is and it has been invaluable. I spent the better part of the winter on this site and the things I learned were amazing. I also read every book I could get my hands on and I must say I learned more from the website I mentioned. I love your chicken choices, they are all cold hardy, friendly and good layers; both in size and quantity. I did my research and all those were on my list. I can't wait to read more!

karenleigh said...

I got my chicks from My Pet Chicken last summer. They all arrived so healthy. Three of my (six) hens are Plymouth Rocks (Barred). They are so sweet and great pets. I love my chickens! Also, the forums at is the very best place to learn it all.