Monday, May 11, 2009

What I did this weekend...

The squash are doing remarkably well. All nine plants are full like this one. Can't wait to cook up a mess with some bacon and green onion. I didn't get much done in this garden this weekend. Planted collard and watermelon plants to fill in areas that didn't come up. I know the collards are a cold weather plant but they had them for sale and I thought what the heck. Still need to get some more seeds in - butterbeans - before its completely too late.

Plumbing issues has caused me to dig up the flowers from the bed at the back of the house. I did not realize that when I planted my flowers there that one side of the bed is devoted to plumbing. I do not have city sewage so I have a septic tank and what is called a grease trap. Anyway problems have come up and the guys needed to get where my flowers were. So they were moved to this location. This is near the vegatable garden and is away from the house. Anyway this spot needed little work since the grass was already dead in most of the area. This spot will allow me to add to the garden very easily.
So this is how it ended up. I have a lot of stuff here and room for more. The plants were drooped over pretty bad especially since it was the middle of the day. I hope these will get enough sun. As you can see it is still somewhat shaded in the middle of the day.

Have a good Monday everyone.


Little Ant said...

Wow Becca your squash are really coming along great. Mine are not quite there but I can't wait til I can start cooking some up. I love grilling squash and zucchini together on the bbq. in a tin foil pack. So easy and absolutely delicious.

Becca's Dirt said...

I'll have to give it a try. It sounds yummy and squash is just plain good anyway you fix it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ginger said...

What a great attitude you have about having to move the flowers!
That squash looks GOOD. I cut them in half lengthwise, spinkle with butter, parmesan, seasoned salt and pepper, and bake.

Prairie Chicken... said...

rahhh I keep saying it but.. I'm hating the fact that everyone is loving their squashies but I can't even plant mine in the ground yet.
I'm caught in a Zone 2b nightmare!