Monday, November 9, 2009

This and That Weekend

I had a great weekend visiting with my family. Teri is visiting from Salem Oregon. We went to the Greek Festival here in Mobile and it was a great time - really just being together.

My siblings minus my brother, Wesley in Atlanta. From L to R Teri, Royce (the baby), Bonnie and me, I am the oldest.

The inside of the Greek Orthodox Church. I think the church is beautiful. I just love art. I don't know why the photo is dark. I used a flash.

The church has a few historical pictures on display obtained from the University of South Alabama archives.

This is the Malbis Bakery. Interesting are the number of vehicles.

Korbets Restaurant which is no longer in business. Korbets is a very famous restaurant in Mobile where they had wonderful southern seafood.

This is my favorite building in all of Mobile. The GM&O building built for GM&O railroad. Everytime I look at this building I am in awe of the architecture. This building has been refurbished is now a complex of business and serves as the hub for the city bus/transit system. The white building in the foreground is the Tommies Terminal Restaurant. Back in 1973 I was coming over the viaduct behind this building and my car brakes failed. My car was speeding out of control, I had only had my license a couple of months, I was scared and didn't know what to do - didn't want to slam the cars ahead of me so I plowed my car right into the backside of this restaurant. Luckily I only broke teeth and scratched up pretty bad.

Royal Street. I don't know anything about Regal Beer. Actually this is the first time I've seen this photo.

This is the corner of Government St and Water St in downtown Mobile. 'Rooms for 50 cents'.

The famous Roxy Theater. Notice 'Gone With The Wind' is playing. Also a few of our Azalea Trail Maids for the premier.

Hope you enjoyed the brief tour of some old photos.

A hurricane on Nov 9. This is rather unusual since this is the 4th storm to form and approach land this late in the season since they began keeping records. Also unusual was the fact that we had no storms in the Gulf this hurricane season. I think it is only going to be a rain event - a mild one at best. The waters in the Gulf have already cooled some and with the cool temps leaves little fuel for the storm to intensify.
Hope you have a great Monday.


Deb said...

cool photos...hope everything is okay with the weather for you all

Darla said...

My SIL is married to a Greek and they are very involved with the Greek Food Festival here....yummy fattening foods!!

bennie and patsy said...

I did enjoy the pictures. And I love the food at the Greek Festivals. We went to them in Memphis Tn.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how neat, Becca. Being with family is just so special. I'm so happy for all of you.

The pictures are great. Hope that storm stays AWAY from you. We'd love to get a little rain from it up here--but don't want too much.

Have a great Monday.

Phillip said...

I really should visit Mobile one day. I have a cousin who is going to school down there. It looks like fun!

Sparkles said...

Hi Becca, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really enjoyed the old pictures. Good luck on the hurricane. You may be interested in the book I am reviewing: Jack Daniels' Spirit of Tennessee" cookbook. There are some yummy southern recipes. Check it out if you have a minute or check out my Norwegian Forest Cat's blog: Sparkles

Dirt Princess said...

I always enjoy Greek Fest! Stuffed grape leaves, baklava! YUM!!! I am so glad to see you got to see your sister, and spend time with all of your siblings! Try to stay dry this weekend. I love your new background!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I really enjoyed the old photos..thanks for sharing:)

Terra said...

How fun to have a sibling get together and that wonderful Greek food.
We go twice a year to the Greek festival here, which has music and dancing and Greek gifts for sale.
I bought a necklace with a cross on it, and it reminds me of that fun festival.

Anonymous said...