Friday, March 12, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - Things Are Springing Up

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Well it's that time each week to flaunt our flowers or whatever you want to flaunt. Ya'll head on over to our dear friend Tootsie Time and check out all of the other bloggers flaunting their stuff. Tootsie has the most awesome magazine perfect gardens so I know you'll enjoy...

My uploads did not go in the order I intended as I got in a hurry this morning.

The same azalea that bloomed all winter long is budding again. All of the other azaleas are just now budding.

These are some bulbs that I bought at Walmart and will be putting them all in the ground this weekend.

I can't wait to see this beautiful Clematis H.F. Young.

Oh and this awesome Peony.

Beautiful Dahlias.

Ooohh I love these Iris' and can't wait to see how gorgeous they are.

Pear tree is beginning to blossom.

The peach tree in bloom.

Lettuce is coming along very nicely. Looks like soon I'll be able to eat a salad.

The broccoli is doing very well.

Planted lots of seeds last weekend.

I mentioned earlier this week about changing up my seeds start mix by adding in some organic potting mix. This is going to allow a much easier transfer to the gardens. I tried different containers that are on the cheap side. Drink bottles and milk carton. I punched holes in the bottoms and cut them to about 3" high and they are perfect. Plenty of soil for the seeds and will permit better root growth.

I already have a couple breaking the surface. The Shasta Alaska Daisy and the Sweet Pea Everlasting and Sweet William 'Sooty'. I'm sure the others will be up this weekend.

A little color on the ground. Snapdragon I purchased on clearance. They are re-blooming and lots of new buds. Those daffodils I don't expect them to bloom since they were just planted in Mid Jan.

Johnson's Blue Geranium is greening up.

The Red Breadseed Poppies seem to be happy here.

Isn't this a crocus. I have tons of these growing up under a tree in the shade. I will have to re-locate them when it's time.

I did some direct sowing last evening. I planted some Foxglove (thanks Tatyana) and Red Melon Poppies (thanks Tatyana) and more Red Breadseed Poppies.
Busy weekend ahead. The weather is suppose to be a breezy 65 for highs both Sat and Sun. Lots of garden work to do and to my utility room. It is still torn apart since I am trying to get some shelving in and not to mention that my washer is not fixed. Brought back to me but it doesn't work. Gotta get a new plan so I can wash.
Hope you all have a great weekend and that you enjoy each day like it was your last. Don't forget to tell your loved ones that you love them.


Darla said...

That is not a crocus it's either a Snowflake which is what is normally grown in the South or it's cousin the Snowdrop which is grown in the North...I love them..
Love all of the bulbs you bought. Don't be surprised it the Daffs bloom, I have some still emerging from the winter's slumber. Great post Becca!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I got Sarah and Starfire last year. Starfire bloomed a little before frost. Hoping Sarah will bloom this spring. I'm adding more liatris too. It doesn't take up much room and is a good filler.

Just picked up two dahlias for my dad. Walmart had a great selection. Last year I got two dahlias from our pricey boutique garden center and neither one sprouted. No guarantee there. Walmart guarantees everything.

Good luck with your new plants!

Chicken Boys said...

Wow! Everything down south is taking off right nice like! Daffodils are coming out here now (not mine yet) but nothing on the fruit trees. I'm thinking of planting some wild flower seeds (the scatter kind) in the yard somewhere. Maybe one of the "Do Not Mow" areas like you see on the sides of the highway.

Marydon Ford said...

Tulips & daffodils planted this late usually do bloom, but not always. It is a snowdrop flower, not a crocus as Darla said.

I have that same peony. A rose bush that I just bought & have them in my kitchen sink, is getting ready to bloom. My crocus are blooming ... snow is nearly all gone, tho mountains of it are still in parking lots, etc.

Everything looks lovely, Becca. Great green thumb.

Happy St Patrick's Day ~
Have a great weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You have been busy lately! The non-stop blooming azalea is a little hero. Mine is starting to show some pink. I just planted lettuce, broccoli and cabbage. With such warm winter, I could do it in February! Have a nice spring Becca!

Debbie said...

Looks like spring has come to your piece of Heaven. We are still shoveling snow YUCK! Do you have luck with foxglove? I love it and only once in my 30+ years of gradening did I have good luck with them. I am so envious. Wally World has some great plants too, especially if you get them early. Have a Happy Day! Deb

Noelle said...

You have so much going on in your garden...I love it.
I can't wait to see your flowers come up. Especially the Shasta Daisies - I just love them.

Ginger said...

That is definitely a snowflake. I love those flowers and haven't been able to persuade anyone I know to give me some of theirs!! You almost never see them for sale.
Lucky you!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Becca. Oh, you have gathered together some wonderful plants to put out. Love the Peony and Dahlia. Okay I confess I love them all. LOL! The blue iris is going to be wonderful.
Your plants are growing great.
Have a wonderful weekend playing in the dirt.

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Wow I am so jealous that you can have your hands in the ground already. I have at least another month before I can start playing outdoors. Great seed choices, everything is going to look beautiful!

Maureen said...

Busy days ahead! Everything looks great!

Deb said...

everything is coming right along..

Tootsie said...

your peach tree is gorgeous!!! I love seeing all that you are planting...I do my Dahlia from seeds...never tried them from a root...maybe I should!!!
I hope you have a great weekend...your seedlings are looking very much like mine are!
I would also like to thank you for being one of the only ones that actually posts my FF logo and links back to my blog!!! I appreciate it!

Evelyn Howard said...

Love the peach blooms - gorgeous!

Terra said...

You are so advanced time wise in planting things like lettuce. I bought seeds and aim to plant green bean seeds this week. You bought a lot of pretty plants and I especially like the clematis and the peony.
I believe the last photo is a snow drop, I have a huge bucketful in bloom, yes, in a bucket.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love your pear trees!!
isn't it so great seeing those little seeds bloom up? like having lots of little green babies!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm just getting caught up on reading blogs and I'm glad I didn't miss this. You have so many seeds started, it's going to be beautiful! The peach tree is just beautiful, I didn't know they had pink flowers.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Pear tree blooming? Wow, you are waaay ahead of us! I think I visited Chicago around 1971 when I was also a young kid!

Joanne said...

Lots of blooms coming in your garden and lots of lovely exciting new plants. HF young is a lovely clematis but mine took a few years to get going.

The crocus? is actually a Leucojum a type of snowdrop.

Nishant said...

! Have a nice spring Becca!
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Nishant said...

You have so much going on in your garden...I love it.
work at home in india

Randy and Jamie said...

When the peach trees start to bloom it's a SURE sign spring is on the way! I just love it!-- Randy