Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This and That

I spent most of my weekend outdoors. I finally completed my full sun garden in my front. This is actually an enlargement of a garden I put down here last year - as you can see a few things already growing here.

My dilemma here is that I cannot afford to go purchase blocks for this garden like in the other one in the background. The pesky dog that had been visiting is not going to be around anymore so I don't have to worry about having the black rubber edging ripped up by a dog who knows no boundaries. I was thinking of just moving these blocks to my back yard area where I still have more new beds to put down. The front yard would blend better I think. Ya'll let me know what ya think.

I planted all of my bulbs and rhizomes I had purchased and direct sow some seeds here. I planted the iris's in the bed behind this one. Here I have dahlias, phlox and clematis and from last year there are cannas.

Well the insurance reform act and Obama's health care plan has been signed. I am one of the ones who are suppose to benefit from this. I have no health care and I am employed. My employer does not provide any options for health care coverage. I really do not have a clue what all of this is about and though I have read some of it and have listened to the highlights I still don't know when and how it will affect me.
I am about to purchase me some insurance though. My hope is that my pre-existing conditions will be covered and that I think is much of the insurance problems. I know that the new plan is suppose to block insurance companies from excluding pre-existing conditions.
I recently had a pap smear that has come back with abnormal cells. The doctor who performed the procedure is a clinic I go to for working people who have no insurance. They provide a great service by charging a fee based on income and also by providing services like labs and so forth at a discounted fee. Cost is much less than if I had insurance AND they also provide some of my meds straight from their personal pharmacy for free. OK the abnormal pap - the doctor is wanting me to go to another clinic for further testing. Here I am with no insurance and could be facing mounting medical bills. I am thinking if I don't go for further testing till after I obtain insurance then maybe they will pay for it because I have not been seen or treated for anything abnormal. Give me some feedback blogging friends.
We are expecting some really nice weather for the rest of the week with hi's around 70 and low's in the 50's.
Not really much going in my world. Guess that's a good thing. Hope you all have a wonderful day and that everyone receives some sunshine.


Ginger said...

Hey Becca,
That bed is going to be so lush and beautiful!

I am hopeful the healthcare bill will help you, and many others.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Becca: I certainly hope that all goes well with the latest health problem, I'm sure you are exactly who this reform was written for.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Becca. I am so looking forward to seeing your bed bloom this summer. I love the shape of it. I do not have edgings so I am of no help on that subject. You have been busy girl and it shows.

RainGardener said...

Becca your yard and all of your beds are just looking soooooooo good. Can't wait to see pictures later on of everything in bloom.
Boy I just don't know on the insurance or what it may cost but I am familiar with an abnormal pap and possibly some hope about what could happen. Around 30+ years ago I had my pap with my regular Dr. before moving back from Fairbanks, AK to Washington state. Shortly after getting here I received a call from my Mother telling me to get to a Dr. pronto because I had a class 4 pap. I didn't have a clue what that meant but the Dr. I called was booked up for 6 months until they asked what my problem was. I told them and they said "we can see you on Monday." Well that scared me even more since minutes before they were booked. But what I wanted to tell you was it was a start of cancer of the cervix (not cancer at this point), they did a simple freezing (double) and it was taken care of. He said I looked better than most women that didn't have that and I've been clean ever since. I'm a real preacher about getting paps every year and when the Medical Assoc. changed it to every 2 years I said no way because I had mine every year and so did a friend and we still got it. I've always heard that Cervical cancer (or conditions) are the easiest to take care of and on an even brighter note - it could be just a bad pap and the next one will come back normal. That happened also and scared the bejeebers out of me. So just think hopeful and it could be the easiest of solutions!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...

Don't wait to find out what is wrong. Make sure you visit a "NON- PROFIT Hospital, clinic or provider, they are the ones working for the people and not just dependent on the income for their paychecks. They are also more apt to "write $$$" off or will work with you on a monthly payment type plan. Good luck. Non-profit hospitals and clinics do NOT turn anyone away.

Noelle said...

I love it when gardens are enlarged and once it is blooming, no one will be looking at the border :-) I am glad to know that you are going to be helped by this healthcare bill. I hope many others will be as well.

Together We Save said...

Love the shape!! I bet it will be beautiful when it is in full bloom!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Hi Becca,
I really like beds that match with their edging, on the other hand, if your plants take over and fill in, it won't matter.

The abnormal pap; I had one too. On my next year's pap it turned out to be OK. Just a fluke. So hang in there. I'm hoping the health care overall will help us all, including my son who doesn't have health insurance offered at his workplace either, and goes without.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your beds are going to be just beautiful, I love the sounds of all the flowers planted.
No insurance is very stressful. Is it possible to have the test redone or has the doctor given you any further information on what the results mean or how urgent it is? It sounds like you need a little more information to go on. Sometimes doctors just give a patient a result and leave them wondering what it all means (and I speak from experience as a nurse and a patient). Can he recommend a clinic that charges based on your income? I really hope this new health care plan will help people that are in your position. I don't think it's right that people don't have access to it, especially when your employer doesn't offer it.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I don't have a clue of what to say about the insurance stuff. I DO hope that your future tests will be good though. let us know. Glad you got some work done in the garden.

bennie and patsy said...

You work so hard in your garden,it will be so pretty.I have to wait until sec week of April to plant seeds.
Take care of your self.
HUG'S Patsy

Stephanie said...

Hello Becca! It is wonderful to see that you have gotten your garden bed ready. Well, I hope you could have the budget to get those blocks later. I always tell myself, if I couldn't afford some things now, I can always get them later.

As for medical cost, it is the same here. They are so expensive! The government hospital/clinics are cheaper. In anycase, I hope your abnormal result will not have to seek expensive treatment of any sort. Take care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am not sure when all these health care changes are going to go into effect...some of this reform does not take place until 2014...
Have the free clinic do another pap smear.
Ask your employer when you will be able to get benefits..you can't wait too long:(

Tom said...

I hope you get everything you need with your health plan... and I wish you good health also...
I called by Becca to say a big thank you for commenting on my header challenge posting... it is good to have a laugh and compete as well at times. Thanks once again for your time.

Wiggers World.

Rosemary said...

Your flower bed looks good now can hardly wait to see what it is like when everything grows.... what a worry re health care. As a Canadian even with the problems our system has;at least I can get looked after without the worry of ending up deep in debt. Good luck perhaps the reading is off....does happen.

Tootsie said...

it looks wonderful...as for the pap...I had abnormal cells which turned out to be pre cancer cells that they ended up lasering off...for me. It was scary and I hope you don't worry too much girl!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Becca,
I am like you in not being sure of how the health care reform is going to play out. I think you have some good doctors who are honest and not greedy. If the hospitals, insurance companies and doctors worked together to bring costs down, that would help people a lot.

I need to get back to work. I am at my lunch break. I saw your most recent post asking for prayer, and I have been praying as I read other posts of yours. I wasn't able to see all of the photos for some reason.

I'll check back to see how you are doing.

pfoconnor said...

Hello, Becca. I think that health care bill has a good bit of new money in it for the kinds of clinics you are going to, so even if some provisions do not go into effect right away, I hope it will benefit you. I am sure there will be problems but I'd rather deal with those than the ones we have now.

I enjoyed reading your blog. I've just started my own and am out blog-hopping.