Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few Herbs Added

Hope you had a good weekend. I did. I went shopping and anytime I go shopping I am having a good time. Look what I bought. My very first Bougainvilla and it is stunning. This was not at a walmart store either. I bought it from a local nursery. Now I have to learn to take care of it. Any tips would be appreciated.

I have been becoming more and more interested in cooking with fresh herbs. So this weekend I purchased a few to add to my gardens.
This is Lemon Thyme and it smells so good. I used some this weekend on some chicken I was grilling. It was OK. I will have to experiment. Give me some hints as to what or how to use it.

This is Michael Basil. It also has a nice scent.

The rosemary smells good too. I used it this weekend with the lemon thyme on the chicken.  Again it was just OK.

I thought some cherry tomatoes would be good to add to my gardens.

And some sweet basil.

Any hints or recommendations on the herbs would be appreciated.

Did you look at the Supermoon this weekend. I love to look at the moon anyway and this was a special treat. It was so bright. 

I hope you all have a good day.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I have never seen such a beautiful Bougainvilla, I have seen white and I have seen pink but not a combination of. Your herbs look very healthy, wonder what my herb garden looks like. Be back soon I hope. Diane

Daisy said...

Wow, that Bougainvilla is gorgeous, Becca! I saw the supermoon. It was really neat to see. :)

Thisisme. said...

I agree, that Bouganvillia is stunning. Just the colours that I love. I always find that rosemary & thyme goes very well with chicken. As you say, you will probably have to experiment a little to start off with. We actually had a gorgeous day here yesterday, and I spent most of the day working in the garden. My daughter's wedding reception will be held here in June, so it's got to look at its best!

lemonverbenalady said...

I promise basil recipes for you tomorrow, Becca. Come by. If you had skin on the chicken I would make a compound butter with 1 T. of basil, thyme and rosemary and place a 1 tablespoon of the butter underneath the skin of the chicken when baking it in the oven.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Beautiful Bouganvillia! I don't know anything about it since it wouldn't last over winter here.
I bought some lemon thyme too, just for it's smell :) I have no idea what to do with it.
I sometimes cut up little pieces of fresh rosemary when I'm roasting potatoes. I coat the potatoes with a little olive oil and chop up some garlic too and it's delicious.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I am thinking of trying a Bouginvillia this year but of course it will only be outside for the summer. You will love the herbs you have chosen, throw some basil on a pizza, rosemary inside a whole chicken and thyme on pork. They all have a great flavor.


Stuff could always be worse said...

I have no tips but they are beautiful flowers. The herbs should be tasty! Super Moon was gorgeous

Boho Farm and Home said...

Love the colors in the bougainvillea...have never seen those here in AZ. Magical Michael basil is my favorite. it plant it year after will be very happy with it!

RainGardener said...

Becca your Bougainvilla is just gorgeous. I tried one once - wanted it to grow all over the deck rail. It didn't do so great. It didn't die but didn't grow much either. Looks like yours has a good healthy start!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Wow! As soon as the picture came up my eyes popped. What a gorgeous Bougainvillea.I have never saw one with those colors in it.Sorry I can not help you with the herbs. We are not seasoning people. Well I am not at least.I am the strange one in the family who does not like spicy foods. Your Bridal Veil header is so pretty. What a show it is putting on.

Carol said...

after you strip the rosemary off the stalks, kinds crush it up some to release the flavor. this is one of my favs. new potatoes and chicken toss in olive oil, rosemary and garlic-salt and pepper roasted in the oven--yummy!


Corner Gardener Sue said...

That bougainvillia is gorgeous!

One tip I have about the basils, is that you may want to pick one or two plants to keep in one spot, and if you don't snip off the ends to use them, you'll need to cut off any flower buds that form.

I'm thinking I'm not a huge lemon thyme fan, but I like it on fish. I love rosemary on chicken and pork chops. One thing I do with either is brown the meat, and get it cooked most of the way through, then snip rosemary onto the pieces. Then, I put some raspberry or other all fruit jam, some dijon or other kind of mustard, and a few squirts of wine or balsamic vinegar in the pan, leaving the meat in it, and let it form a glaze. I turn the meat so both sides get the glaze.

Redruby said...

i believed you have a very beautiful garden! i can see it in your photos here! great job!

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