Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few New Blooms

This patch of seeds put out last month is doing so good. I think you identified these as blue bedder salvia. If wrong please correct me.

The penta is struggling to open a flower. The pentas don't seem to like it in my gardens. Oh well there are others that do.

Did you guys hear me singing to the top of my voice when I walked out and found this baby open. I've been anxiously waiting on this. I put out 6 Iris last year and this is all I've got so far. There are 4 other buds on this one. This one is called Full Tide. 

As you can see on the package it doesn't look like this one. I like what I got best though because you know I love my purple and pinks. 

And speaking of pinks I have to show my Strawberry Parfait Dianthus again. I'm in love here.

And with this sweet thing too. I love the pom pom like balls it puts on.

After all the other azaleas have bloomed out here comes the this one. This is the late bloomer every year and I'm glad that it blooms after the others are gone. It puts on rose like flowers all over it. 

I didn't do much gardening work this weekend. Shame on me... not. Well I'm kinda planning now. I started off like I was gonna garden when I made a visit to Lowe's this weekend. I spotted so many things I want to go back and buy but I settled on a start to a shade garden that I was gonna do this weekend but... then I changed my mind. I'm about to make a new garden right along the front of the house where I cut down the shrubs a couple of weeks ago. But its something I'll be working on for a couple of weeks. Get back to ya on that. (I could change my mind again).

I love hostas and these 4 will be nice starters.

Never seen a Persian Shield before but I love the contrast in color and texture.

I was wanting another hydrangea and am happy to find a nice healthy one here from Endless Summer collection.

 Oops the caladiums didn't load. Bought a few caladiums too and they will look nice next to the Persian Shield and the hostas.

I swear this is a zinnia but I don't remember a seeing one with such huge leaves so early on.

This is one of the mystery plants. Do you know?

I believe this is okra hibuscus. 

Last year this area was full of dahlias. Why are they no shows this year? I pulled weeds from this bed but haven't seen any dahlias from last year.

I'm happy to see that my begonias will be returning on their own.

Hope you all have a great day.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

You have beautiful pics, plants, etc. I think it is ok not to get as much done this weekend as planned?? You have done a lot sometime...

Loretta said...

Wow! Aren't being a busy bee! Your flowers are lovely, lovely!
My irises were drowned and blown everyway possible, but I did manage to get a shot. Don't work too hard, but, I know how it is when you want it done, then watch them grow making you look good!Lol. Lots of hugs! Loretta

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are so beatuiful Becca. Our Dahlias only come up late summer, and flower in Autumn. So I've learned something new - I think.


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Becca, the pinks are glorous! I am also loving the color of that iris. I do like Persian Shield in the landscape, especially with pink or orange but it is an annual here.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Very pretty flowers you have blooming! I think the first seedlings you show might be Larkspur. Did I send you some last year? They reseed really well. And your other mystery seedlings look like Hollyhocks. My Dahlias haven't come up yet, I think they might be a little later than some of the other tubers.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The seedling I think is the Hollyhock is the middle of the three mystery seedlings with the round leaves.

Andrea said...

hello Becka, i've just arrived here from Tootsie. Nice blooms you have there. We have different sets of plants as we are in the tropics, but i think that 2nd mystery plant is really okra, not okra hibuscus.

Olive Cooper said...

Okay, you are making me feel perfectly lazy. My begonias have come back for the third year too. Sometimes the deer eat them though. Your dianthus is lovely.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Becca, Gorgeous pictures.... I've noticed that our flowers which are supposed to be BLUE turn out Purple here too... I think it's the soil....????? Love your Iris though. We have some getting ready to bloom in the next few weeks... Yeah!!!!

I have Begonias also --and they just keep on blooming all summer --with no extra work at all... They may not be the prettiest flower--but they are the easiest to grow and keep.


Stephanie said...

The begonia in the last pic amazes me! And I love your pretty blue iris :-D I think your garden is going to look really wonderful with those new plants.

Ginger said...

it's always such a mystery why some things come back and others don't. dahlias do terribly here.

LOVE the iris - I like it better than what it what supposed to look like!

Jenni said...

Hi Becca, it's so nice to come visit your blog and see some sunshine and spring color! I agree with Catherine, I think the mystery seedling w/rounded leaves is a hollyhock. I like your choices for your new shade garden, it will be fun to see what you end up with :) Cheers, Jenni

Darla said...

first seedlings are larkspur..
pinch the top out of your penta..they are slow growers at first..
Adore your iris, I don't care what color the package shows. Beautiful colors on the dianthus and I was eyeballing those pink and white geraniums the other day,love it! Nice hostas and I have never had luck with persian shield. Keep me posted on how you grow yours. Never met a hydrangea I didn't like, did you buy caladium bulbs or the plants? Mine are just starting to come up. Zinnias do that sometimes, probably be a tall plant. Those look like hollyhocks and I do believe you are correct about the ornamental okra..that one plant looks similar to a dahlia, the one just right of the gray stone. A couple of my begonias are returning too. You bought some great plants and love seeing the returning seedlings....whew!

Bonnie said...

All that color is amazing! You give me hope. I am excited for some warmer weather. We have snow forecasted for Friday.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Becca your iris is a beauty. They are never as blue as the packages but yours is so pretty anyway. I love Persian Shield and its sparkling leaves. The azalea is gorgeous! Your garden bed keeps growing bigger and better with the addition of your new plants.