Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday and FF

I'll be joining a few parties today. You can find their link at the end of this post. Head on over after viewing my post and check out the other bloggers sharing blooms today.

Who knows whats going on with blogger/google but it is irritating that I can't leave comments on some blogs. I am hearing from many other bloggers that they also are having problems. Don't know if everyone is having the same problem but I'm sure it is irritating to anyone to not be able to comment. I'm not sure if this will fix the problem but it seems logical to me since this is the problem I am encountering with comments. If your setting is on Google Accounts only - Google isn't allowing me to sign in on these blogs. Thinking it was me I reset my password 4 times. It isn't me.

On to some fun stuff. Rain please come to visit our area. We are in a drought. It is bad now. All of the crops are dying. I water my gardens at least 5 times a week now. Today rain is in the forecast but it isn't expected to be more than a 1/4 inch and spotty at best. I really shouldn't be complaining with so much devastation over the past week. Poor folks in Joplin - it breaks my heart watching the evening news. I can't help but to cry for them. Prayers continue for them.

 Lovin that this snapdragon is blooming again.

Red Verbena is showing off again.

I'm so lovin Linda's Snapdragon. I love the pink and soft yellow. Sweet.

Bougainvillia is going strong for another round of blooms. It is beautiful as the petals turn from green to pink.


Pink zinnia just starting to bloom. I don't remember this one from last year. A nice surprise.

Love the larkspur.

Thank you Lord for all these re-bloomers.

Hope you all have a great day.

Wishing you a happy and safe Memorial Day.

I'm joining Tracie with Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursday.


Tootsie at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.


Darla said...

Nice Becca, really nice. Sometimes when I hit comment and the blogger sign in thingy pops up, I just X out of it, click post comment again and it works.

Darla said...

Oh about larger blooms on your hydrangea....I have found that my blooms get larger naturally as the plant itself matures over the years.

Patsy said...

I hope this works I can not comment on most blogs.

Lona said...

Hi Becca. Your snapdragons are so pretty.The pink and yellow is such a great combination. I wish I could send down some of our rain to you.

Marie said...

Hi there Becca - Love your blue larkspur and the pale pink bouganvilleas. Stop by and you can see my hydrangeas which took over a year to produce big blooms. I think it takes a while until they bloom even bigger.

Happy cottage flora Thursday!

FlowerLady said...

What colorful blooms. My favorite of these today are the daisies.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

HolleyGarden said...

Beautiful blooms as always. I am watering almost as much. I hate to complain, (though I still do) since as you point out, others have it so much worse. With the drought here, and the floods elsewhere, food prices will not be good this year!

imac said...

Blooming great Becca.

Olive Cooper said...

We need rain desperately. Your flowers are pretty.

Patricia Tryon said...

There's something so _hopeful_ about re-bloomers. They're like a special bonus from the earth.

Peggy said...

I am also having Blogger problems, I am not sure what I will be signed in as if at all!Beautiful flower photos despite the lack of rain.We have gale force winds over here which are tearing everything apart.
I have seen the devastation of the twisters on our Tv news.Heartbreaking for all those caught up in it looking at the wreakage of their homes.
Peggy organic growing pains.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Becca,
I hope you get some rain soon. We are an inch above normal for the year. I wish we could send you some, too.

Your blooms are quite lovely! I love snapdragons and larkspur. Those are two of my favorite flowers.

I hope the blog issues get resolved. I don't have my comments set that way.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Once again I lost track of the day and forgot about FF.
I know what you mean about complaining about the weather after seeing the destruction from these tornadoes. I have to remind myself of that when I get frustrated with how it's been here.
Your flowers are so pretty. Now I really wish I would've picked up some Verbena when I looked at it the other day. Larkspur is just barely sprouting here still.

Fishtail Cottage said...

Beautiful Garden - i especially love snapdragons!!! thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

Rosemary said...

I would be happy to send you some rain..... we have had more than our share. Love the bouganvilla.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Hi Becca, it seems today we have more problems in that some of us have no followers! I think blogger might be a victim of its own success too many customers?
Anyway I am calling by today from Cottage Flora Thursday, I like the combinations of both delicate and hot colours in your garden.

Autumn Belle said...

You have many lovely blooms to brighten up my day. My heart goes out to those affected by the terrible twisters in Missouri too.
As for Google, I have always set my comments to 'anyone can comment'. But last week, my followers page and recent comments widget went blank. If Blogger continues with this crazy interruptions, there will be mass migration to wordpress.

Have a good Memmorial Day holiday!

Jenni@ RainyDayGardener said...

hi Becca. I hope you get some rain soon. I'd be happy to send ours your way. Your snapdragons are so pretty! I love Linda's too.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Becca your new header is stunning. We also need rain, the crops are looking terrible, it may already be too late for most. Why is is some people get too much while others get nothing, if only it could all be shared out evenly. Take care Diane

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Awesome blossoms, Becca!!! :D Snapdragons are so pretty. I love them!

Olga said...

Beautiful flowers. I especially like your Bougainvillia, so pretty.

Kim and Victoria said...

Well we've obviously been getting all the rain intended for you! I hope some of it goes your way soon, we can use some sunshine. :-)
Nice pics!

Zondra Art said...

Beautiful blooms and colors!

Greetings, Zondra Art