Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cottage Flora Thursday

I'm joining Tracie over at Fishtail Cottage for Cottage Flora Thursdays.

I can't believe it's been slightly over a week since I have posted. Sometimes things just happen that way. I've had a few things going on and lots of work to do too here at the office.

I haven't felt good in a few weeks since I am dealing with a bad tooth. Have to go back to the dentist on Monday. Yuck!

I've missed you guys and will be by to visit as I can today. I love blogging and visiting so I hate when I can't check out your gardens regularly. Ya'll mean a lot to me, each and every one of you.

I've never seen the poppies in this stage right as they are opening up. They are so pretty. I need to know how to extract the seeds from the poppies. Help me out here.

I love the hydrangea I recently purchased. This bloom is only an inch from the ground. I had to get way down LOW to get this pic.

This bloom is on the same plant as the one above. I fertilized a few days before I took these pics with Miracle Gro All Purpose. I usually use the all purpose and then a week later I spray them with Bloom Burst. I fertilize about every 3 weeks alternating.

How do plan your stages when you fertilize with what and how often?

The begonias are really taking off now. This one is crowded though. The salvia I planted next to it is a larger plant than I first thought. Would this be a bad time to move some of the plant?  

Mums blooming.

The butterfly weed is looking good. I've noticed more butterfly activity but can't capture those pretty things on camera.

Beautiful dianthus.

Check out the blueberry bush. The entire bush is leaning towards the ground loaded with berries. They are beginning to turn. Soon I'll have some cobbler. Yummmmmmy!
Enlarge and check out the critter. (PS it's a fake) Can you see the berries?

Beautiful snapdragon.

Put on your sun shades to look at this four o'clock. The sun is bright, shining on this yellow beauty. There are many more to come. The plant is loaded now.

More butterfly weed.

I love the blue sky and the wispy clouds this morning.

No rain in the seven day forecast so the sprinkler will be used regularly. I bought me another sprinkler from Ace Hardware and hopefully it will last the entire season.

I'll be visiting my daughter this weekend for Mothers Day. Can't wait to get some kisses and hugs from everybody. I miss them so much.

Since I'm taking tomorrow and Monday off I'll be back to visit on Tuesday.

The state of Alabama is still cleaning up after the tornadoes a week ago. This will be a long road for these people as as there is so much loss. There are 38 counties in Alabama that are disaster areas. The death count in Alabama alone is above 250. Please continue to pray for these people as they pick up the pieces and put their lives back together.

Have a great day and a lovely weekend.


Olive Cooper said...

Hi Becca, I planted three poppies that I rescued yesterday and I hope they look like yours next year. I actually lay on my abdomen and take photos outside. The neighbor's already know I am odd though. And I have bad joint pain but any hoo! I have been planting like crazy but have not taken any images...too busy...maybe later. You rest from all that work! hugs♥olive

Olive Cooper said...

Joe and I are praying for Alabama and the rest of the South. We are in Georgia.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

We are very dry here, I gather it is the driest and hottest April for 111 years!!!! I just leave my poppies and they go to seed on their own. As for my hydrangeas I do nothing to them at all and they grow to about 4 foot each year and are a mass of flowers. Nothing on them yet though too early. We are picking cherries though Yum yum. Hope you soon feel better. I have just had an infection in my thumb and it has been a real pain literally. Nearly two weeks now and it still does not feel right although I have finished all the antibiotics.
Your photos are lovely. Diane

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

We know how things get busy with life. Blog when you can. Beautiful flowers and the sky too. The south does need prayer for the damage of the tornadoes

Darla said...

looking really good Becca! I move salvia any time I want to just in the late evening as the sun is just too hot. It will looked sad for a week or more, keep it watered. Just watch the poppies as the flower petals fall off you will see a green seed head, as it turns brown the middle will be filled with seeds. I'll email you a photo of what they look like soon. Hope you feel better.

Boho Farm and Home said...

Those poppies look beautiful!

Darla said...

Becca if you come back to my post the pink poppy photo, those are the seed heads next to the bloom.

Star said...

Your garden is looking lovely already Becca. Re: poppies, just leave them till the seed heads turn brown, the invert them over a paper bag and shake. You will hear all the seeds popping out into the bag. Keep these to plant next year. Alternatively, you can let them do their own thing.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

The garden is looking beautiful today and the poppies are amazing. Have fun in the soil..........Julian

Nanniepannie said...

Thanks for visiting, your garden looks lovely, it is further along than mine is. I grew up in Alabama and heading to Fayetville Tn to visit my folks for Mother's Day. I expect the scenery won't be the same.

Lona said...

Hi Becca. Your Butterfly bushes are blooming already and I am so jealous.LOL!Your blueberry bush is really top heavy. I hope you get them before the birds do or do you put netting over it? That Dianthus is really growing up a storm. So pretty together.

Betty said...

ooh, I did enlarge the tree picture to look for the critter, yikes! That snack make my skin crawl. I guess you are used to them, yes? Hope you have a very special Mothers day with your daughter. BLUE SKIES!. Betty

Jeannie B. said...

I love your sky too. Very dreamy!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Great photos Becca! The poppies look great the way they open. The new hysrangeas are so unusual, so compact and some just loaded with blooms.

I usually use a super bloom formula for the annuals and a general granular organic fertilizer for the garden beds and perennials.



mississippi artist said...

Lovely flowers.My four o clocks are slow this year. We have had torrential rains and three flash floods- I am surprised anything is up and blooming.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful sky, pretty flowers in garden... absolutely wonderful! Have a blessed weekend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Everything is looking good. I would fertilize with 1/4 strength Miracle Grow often..especially if you are watering with the sprinkler. Remember perennials usually only need an inch of water a week in rain or a sprinkler...set out a coffee can to measure so you know how much your sprinkler puts out. If you water often and shallow..that is where most of your roots are..if you water deep once a week..then that is how your roots grow. Deeper roots are better!! End of lecture.
The poppies are beautiful! :)

Rosemary said...

Becca Garden looks great . I too use Miracle Gro.

Nancy's Notes said...

Beautiful garden and what an awesome photograph of the sky! Know you will enjoy your family time, how exciting!


Fishtail Cottage said...

Adoring your poppies & everything else you shared! So pretty!
Thanks so much for joining Fishtail Cottage's, Cottage Flora Thursday's! xoxo, tracie

Ginger said...

Totally impressed with your poppies (I can't get them to grow at all) and that bush full of berries (the birds eat all of mine)! Happy Mother's Day!