Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Member Of The Family

Uh oh - I lost my header photo when I went to upload another. Now it says I have exceeded my limit of photos. OK blogger so I have to go figure out what to do next. I don't have time today darnit.

We have a new family member. I'm excited to introduce you to Ivan. He is a six year old springer spaniel. He is so laid back just like Buddy. Buddy was frisky at first wanting to play but Ivan was having no fun at all trying to play. Since Ivan is a bigger dog Buddy still has his place in my chair. Ivan is at my feet - all the time - wherever I am - he is. He is a sweetheart.

But he has got to learn - you don't get off of the porch over the gardens. Not allowed. Jumped right off into my new bed. I've got to put something on the porch to prevent this - it will really piss me off when I have it full of beautiful blooms. Loads of grass dug up here. The big cart which you can barely see is full of grass. Wish I knew someone near by who wanted some since I dig it in clumps easy for laying.

Ivan was pretty ragged out when I brought him home with hair matted bad and long enough to drag the floor. I immediately got the scissors out. I cut hair for almost 3 hours. This is just some of it. Too bad you can't make a wig with dog hair.

I think he is a pretty baby.

And Buddy is still number 1. He is sharing just fine.

I got the pruners out and the rake and the cart and shovel and of course 2 pair of gloves. One pair is heavy duty for the digging and raking. The other purple pair is for gardening and weeding. No weeding this weekend. Finished it up last week. Yea! Here at the back door I cut these bushes down to size. I want to have them removed and put a patio/deck area here but that is for another day/year etc. So I just cut them down. I don't like shrubs around my doors and edges of the house. Makes it too easy for people to hide.

This is the shade garden that I tore up last week. I've raked it out and watered it. Couldn't work in it with such dry dirt.

So this one is finished. It is bigger than it was before and more squared off in front rather than curved. When someone cuts my grass they were always knocking the stones over so maybe with it being squared off that won't happen so easy.

I ran out of deco stones so I resorted to the plates. It's different that's for sure. Can you see Ivan on the porch? I ran him off the other way.

My seed order has been placed with Park and with Thompson-Morgan. I'm so excited. I've never ordered seeds before and can't wait to see what I have blooming next year. The seeds I ordered are all new to me so this will be fun. Zinnia's, columbine, echinacea, delphinium just to name a few.

Well I gotta run - well uh get back to work.
Hope you all have a good day and week. I'll be around to see you soon.


Sunray Gardens said...

What a sweetheart he is.

As for the limits I guess you either pay them now for more space or use something else. I started using photobucket.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

So long as Buddie is not jealous it will be nice for him to have a friend around. Sure Ivan will soon settle down and know where he is allowed to walk. Love the idea of the plates I think it looks lovely. Take care Diane

Daydream Living said...

Ivan is sooo cute! Thanks for the pics, Maureen

Loretta said...

What a sweet, handsome fellow! Don't worry he will be trained before next season and want to lie down on the porch and enjoy the garden! Your plate border is clever idea...really neat! Don't work too hard! Luv

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Ivan is a great looking dog and a friend for Buddy. I really like what you are doing with the planting areas and the stone borders.


Daisy said...

Ivan looks like a real sweetie. Your new shade garden looks great, Becca. I bet you'll have fun planting seeds next year.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ivan looks like a good companion for Buddy! He will learn the ropes pretty fast, and will figure out what pleases you. I like your plates in the garden!:)

HolleyGarden said...

Ivan is adorable! Glad to hear Buddy likes him, too. Your new bed looks great!!! Love the way you squared it off, and the plates are such a creative solution! I love it! You have really been working! Finished weeding???!! I never get finished with that! But I'm worried about having too many photos on your blog - I didn't know Blogger limited the photos?

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Ivan is very cute! I'm sure he'll learn from Buddy what is allowed in the garden.
Your new bed is looking great, digging up that grass is very hard work. Seed catalogs are just starting to arrive here.

Susan said...

You got a new dog?! He's beautiful! And your new garden! Lots of work but so worth it isn't it? I love the old plates as part of the border. What a great idea! You've been a busy girl. Good for the soul I believe!

imac said...

Pretty cute dogs, try Picasa for photos.

Lona said...

Now I would have thought Buddy would be jealous of the new kid on the block. Looks like you have been busy in the garden Becca. A new bed is always fun. All the possibilities of new plants. Have a great week.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad Ivan and Buddy are getting along well. They both look like sweeties. I love your plates!

I did reach a limit for my photos, and now pay Google $20 a year so that I won't lose any photos on my blog. It's weird though, that you got that message while trying to change photos.

Marydon said...

Becca, you are going to love the columbine & delphinium. I have tons of columbine. Got my first delphinium this year & they are tall & graceful & gorgeous! Lasted a good while.

Sherry is coming along better now, it takes time to heal those pulled muscles when you are 'old', chuckle! She'd wring my neck reading that!!Her computer problems are taken care of, she will be screaming JOYS soon.

Thank you for your sweet note, I so appreciate you & your friendship ... you are a sweetie.

Have a beautiful week, Becca.I've missed you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hello, I am back after taking a few weeks off from blogging. I'm glad to be back though and have missed you!!!!

Enjoyed seeing you on Facebook though... Love Ivan... He's a cutie... I had a black cocker for about 16 yrs.. She was the love of my life back then...

Looks like you have done quite a bit of yard work recently. We have been also...