Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fertilizer Friday

Well my days are mixed up. I will try to hook up this evening or in the morning but I may not get back to a computer.

I am joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer today. Ya'll step on over and catch all the blooms and greenery.

I have lots of greenery today. All with big expectations for some gorgeous blooms.

This is my first bleeding heart. Can't wait to see it bloom.

This is Endless Summer Hydrangea. I want more of these blooming babies. I'm looking for blooms all summer long.

I forgot what this one is called but she hasn't performed well for me. Hasn't bloomed in 2 years so I moved it to this new location last month. Looks happier here so we will see. Keeping my green fingers crossed.

This is my new Jackmanii Clematis. This is also a new plant for me this year. I'm looking for a good performer here too.

This iris was beautiful last year so I'm looking forward to some nice blooms.

My only hosta that keeps coming back only to be eaten to the ground. Every hosta I plant is eaten up by something. Maybe this one can grow uninterrupted (sp) this year.

My shasta daisies keep getting bigger and multiplying nicely.

This baby will be bringing in some butterflies soon. 

I believe this is zinnia - probably Green Envy Zinnia.

I believe this to be my new echinacea purpea. Can't wait to see how it does.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe this is larkspur. This is the only patch I see of this and that makes me sad. Something went terribly wrong with the seeds I harvested. They became all moldy. If anyone knows why that happened please tell me. 

I need help with these next two plants. I have no idea what this is and really don't remember when the seeds were thrown out. Anyone with any idea?

I think Darla said this might be foxglove. Help me out. I've never grown foxglove before and put out seeds two years ago and nothing happened. Could this be from those seeds? 

I have put out a lot of seeds and we'll see how they do.

Hope you all are having a nice day. Rain is on its way here and we welcome it.

I will get by to visit you all as I can. My mom came through the surgery good and is in ICU. She is on a ventilator and is on plenty of pain killers. All this is to be expected. Today her vitals are good and that is very encouraging. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for momma. I will relay to her all the good wishes she has had and it will make her happy to be thought of by so many people. My pop is having a hard time with all of this since he has lost 2 wives while they were on a ventilator and he is very anxious. He thinks no one is doing enough. Keep him in your prayers too. Please continue keep her in your prayers and thoughts.


Daisy said...

Your plants all look so healthy and like they are doing well, Becca. I'll look forward to seeing them in bloom. I'm glad to hear your Mom came through the surgery OK. I hope she heals quickly.

The Bama Gardener said...

So much is coming up and I can't wait to see it all in bloom. We just planted our first hydrangea and I have it seems to like its home. It has already set a ton of blooms!

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Blessings for all of you. I think it's always harder on the spouse. Sound like things are going well. She needs some TLC.
You have tons of plants that will put on a great show. I do think you have a foxglove there but am not sure on the larkspur. It looks different than what I know is larkspur in my garden.
Take care of you and your family.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'll keep your family in my thoughts that things continue to improve.
Yes, the one seedling does look like Foxglove, they don't usually bloom the first year so be patient with it. I don't think that looks like Larkspur either, not sure what it might be, maybe Allysum? I grow Jackmanii and just LOVE it. It grows quickly and blooms great. I think the seedling above the Foxglove might be a type of Yarrow.

Jess said...

I'm gonna guess slugs are what is getting the hostas. Look just like mine!

Patsy said...

my the days do go by fast. So glad your mom is doing well.

Carol said...

My guess on the hostas would be slugs...the slimy little critters can eat a hosta in no time flat and hostas are their favorite food :0(
Sending out more prayers for your family.

Lona said...

Glad to hear that your Mom is doing better. That is Foxglove and I think the other looks like Yarrow. You have so much coming up. Some of them might not bloom until the second year.

NellJean said...

Prayers for comfort for your Mother and peace of mind for your Pop.

I agree that might not be larkspur and the mystery plant does look like yarrow.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Becca, Glad your Mom is doing well.. God Bless her. She is in my prayers.

Your plants are doing GREAT--and look so healthy... The only thing that has eaten my Hostas are deer --but they eat it all rather than little by little. Don't know what is eating yours.

Have a great weekend.

Darla said...

I pray peace for your Dad and a perfect recovery for your Mom. I posted Larkspur and a link to you, this you have is not Larkspur I have that same weed in my gardens too. The photo below it does look like Achillea or Yarrow. My experience with it is it likes hot and dry areas or it will flop. Those seedlings do look like coneflower and zinnias. I am jealous of your bleeding heart!!!

Susan said...

Your plants are looking goooooooddd!
And don't worry your parents are in my prayers!

Tootsie said...

yay!!! don't you just LOVE spring??? I bought a few things the other day...bleeding hearts are among them...can't wait to plant!
Once again I am just loving the tour of all the gardens that have linked in to my little party! I am so excited to visit each and every post...they are all so inspiring and I am NEVER disappointed! The creative gardens and colorful displays that I am lucky to see are inspirations that I would never have found had I not found each of the gardeners I see online! Thank you so much for sharing your garden with my Friday Flaunt this week...I do hope you will link in again soon!
This post is being shared on my Tootsie Time Facebook page too just so you are aware.
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Looking good! I think everyone has identified your unknowns. I hope you Mom is going to be OK..I am sending a prayer from Minnesota:)

Paula said...

I can't believe how big your plants are already! Thanks for giving me hope for our coming spring! Paula from Idaho

imac said...

Continued thoughts and prayers for your Moms recovery.