Friday, March 2, 2012

This n That Fertilizer Friday

Joining Tootsie Time for Fertlizer Friday today.

You might want to grab a cup of coffee of drink of your choice and sit back. My post today is way too long. I shouldn't wait so long between posts. I fully intend to post more frequently. I feel love for you all. Hang with me though.

The weather is so upset lately. So sorry for all the loss of lives and homes and business's from the tornados this week. So sad the destruction that these storms cause. So much sadness in the news lately. I won't go there today though.

I was glad to see some seedlings coming up this week. I think these are the Zinnia Green Envy.

This is Delphinium Sky Blue Magic from seedlings. Photo below.

These will be growing next to Zinnia Green Envy and Ecinachea Purpea and Hollyhock Yellow.
Photo from Park Seeds.
Delphinium Magic Fountain Sky Blue with White Bee

I think these are Zinnia Green Envy seedlings.
Photo from Park Seeds.
Zinnia Envy

This is Bleeding Heart Pink I planted from root. Photo below.

Clematis is not up yet. Expecting it soon though with all this warm weather we are having.

This is Hollyhock Yellow planted from a root.

Echinacea is not up yet.

These are seedlings from Pink Hibuscus I received from Lona Dawn from A Hocking Hills Garden. Thank you Lona. Can't wait to see them bloom. In this same bed I have Split Second Morning Glories, Aquilegia Caerulea and Aquilegia Sunshine. Photos below.
Aquilegia Sunshine.
Columbine Sunshine™

Morning Glory Split Second.
Morning Glory Split Second

Aquilegia Caerulia.
Aquilegia caerulea

It's looking like I will have an abundance of Blueberries this year. The bush is loaded and very active with bees. I dare not get too close since it looks like a ton of bees are enjoying the flowers.It tried to get a photo of the bees but they were very busy flitting from each flower so quick.

I did manage to catch a critter on the Pear tree. The tree is loaded this year.

The plum tree is really coming along nicely. The leaves are clustered on the tips. Just as happy as could be.
This pansy's will probably soon lose it's flowers. The weather is getting too warm.

I got a haircut last week and haven't posted a pic of myself in a while. Can't change the blogger photo without purchasing google space. Oh well.

I've had a couple of people who wanted to see a painting I did. This was done 5 years ago and since then I haven't painted much. I'm ready to get back into it, just bought new paints, and hone in some of my pitiful are skills. I chose watercolor because it seemed to be the easiest and I've never used any other medium. People who paint oils and acrylics have said that watercolor is the hardest to paint - leave it to me to pick the hardest. I began painting about 9 years ago as a form of therapy after going through some trauma. I looked for an outlet and painting was it as it took my mind off of things and focused on something positive. I could paint whatever I was feeling. Painting water is calming to me and I love barns and the like.

Just got my new edition of Southern Living. Looks like this one is all about spring and gardens. Can't wait to dig in to this one.


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Love the new photo of you with your hair cut. Did not know to change a photo you needed to buy blogger space! Your painting is lovely, I also want to find the time to get back to painting, we also need a bit more room!

Your garden is way ahead of ours, we have a few small buds appearing but only just. Your garden is going to be stunning very soon.
Have a great weekend.

Susan said...

Wow, look at all the progress you have made with your garden. You'll have to can pears and blueberries this year if your bumper crop comes true! You look awesome, I just love your picture! How is your Mom doing? How are you? Been thinking about you! Your painting is awesome, I can't draw, so I'm impressed with anyone who can!

Hugs!!!! Susan

Loretta said...

You have been working hard...the flowers are sure to be beautiful! Love your new hair cut! I've found something else about you...the painting! We learn something each day about our friends,heh? Take good care my Dear Friend, and hope to see more of your gardens! Hugs

Patsy said...

You are going to have a colorful yard this year. You are looking good.

cindy said...

Love all those colors. Maybe you could post a how to gardening series?

Darla said...

Cute do!! I believe we will haave one or two more cold snaps before it's all said and done!

Lona said...

Your seeds are really coming up!I cannot wait to see that Green zinnia this summer. I love your yellow Columbine. Now that is a great Morning Glory. It is going to have some gorgeous blooms. Glad to hear your Hibiscus seeds are sprouting.I hope you will like those big pink blooms on them. Your garden is so far ahead of ours here but I do see some signs of some future blooms so I am tickled about that. Have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Yeah for all those seedlings! Your garden is where mine will be in about a month.
Love your haircut! You are a talented painter, that's something I wish I was good at.

Tara said...

Love seeing all of these things popping up! Can't wait to see everything in bloom!

Far Side of Fifty said...

It is looking like spring there! Your new 'do' looks great and easy to keep up..not much grey there either:)

Daisy said...

The seedlings are looking great, Becca. I hope they all grow and do well for you. Your painting is very nice and your haircut looks really good on you. Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

imac said...

Love the post my friend with all your flowers, and your super Painting.

AmbyLand said...

Love the seedlings. Do you just throw the seeds out or do you plant them? Yesterday I finally got some flowers planted. My sister would only let me buy perennials. But I have a porch full of blooms now. :)

Ila East said...

I found that to capture bees and such my video camera works better than the still one does. I use it and try to hold it steady on a subject. Then I use one of the editing programs to pull out just one frame to use as a still picture.

I also like using the video camer because I can see what I am actually getting. My digital still camera I can't see in the sunlight.

Phillip Oliver said...

You are ahead of us but things are growing by leaps and bounds. I didn't know you had a cooking blog! I can't wait to try your coconut cream pie.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What gorgeous photos in this post!!! :D You really have a gift. And how have I missed the cooking blog? :/ I am so happy you are getting back into your painting. You have so much inspiration just from your garden! Please continue to post your art. I love seeing it!


Leonel Wolfer said...

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