Monday, February 15, 2010

This and That

SNOW - in Mobile County namely in Citronelle. Citronelle is 30 some odd miles from City of Mobile where it measured 1/2". I received at least 5" plus and it was beautiful. I cannot remember when it snowed this much here. It began to snow around 5:15a on Fri and snowed till 3 in the afternoon.

It is still snowing in this photo.
Buddy is in the snow and he doesn't know what to think of this stuff. So he just sat down on it and looked at it swirling around his head.

See my foot prints.

While the snow swirled around his head be decided to catch some of the funny stuff falling from the sky.

Click to enlarge. Buddy is not on a leash and he is burying his head in the snow. He was so fun to watch. Like a kid romping and hopping through the snow. Since he wasn't he didn't come home for 40 minutes and I did not go after him - still snowing. I don't go after him anymore - that seems to encourage him to go farther because he can see me. When he can't see me anymore he'll hang closer.

I set the iron bird feeder in the middle of the yard and little birds flocked to it. They were so pretty in the snow and they were hungry too. See the one flying in from the top left.

On Saturday I was coming out the door going to Moms when my foot slipped on the ice on the second step - my feet into the air and I landed on my butt just below the tail bone and hit the back step with the middle of my back. Fortunately I didn't break anything. I'm just sore. The snow was melting and melting off the house onto the porch and formed a piece of black ice on one step. Lesson learned - hold onto something going down and watch for ice after a freeze.
Buddy played inside with his little friend - Molly. Molly is rat terrier and is on the other side of Buddy going at it.

Molly has pinned him down and was going for the choke hold when Buddy rared up to bite her. These two wrestle like WWE.

Of course me being the flower minded person that I am I couldn't stay out the dirt any longer. I began to have some withdrawals so I planted me some seeds. I planted Red Breadseed Poppies, Snapdragons, Lupines and Russell Strain Lupines from Hometown Seeds. The lettuce and broccoli is soon going in the ground to make room for more seeds. And I love that the seed sprouting containers are reusable.

Check out my Blue Hyacinth. This photo was this morning and the next photo was yesterday. (didn't load them right) It grew so much overnight.

I have been checking outdoors for new growth.
Here my hydrangea from Springhill Nursery appears to be coming along. This is going to be transferred to the new porch garden real soon. I spent 40 something on plants from Springhill Nursery last year and this is the only one living. Won't do that again.

The pear tree is budding but isn't so pretty yet. This is the peach tree - every tip has a bud. This is what it looked like yesterday. Sun shining and pretty skies. The snow is still melting today.
This is the blueberry bush with buds on every tip.

The bridal wreath is budding out nicely.

Since the snakes aren't active yet I stepped into my shed out back - just the first 8'. Don't laugh - I'm scared of anything moving in there while I'm standing there. I might have a heart attack while I'm screaming.
Anyway this is one thing I've been wanting to take out of there. Look what good shape it is in. There are 2 more out there but the seats are kinda eaten. Darn Critters.
Look at the back - isn't it neat. I don't know how old it may be - probably from the 60's. Got any idea?

Hope you all are having good weather. Happy Gardening and Planning.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Sorry about your fall in the great snow adventure but even more glad you did not break something. It is so fun to watch dogs who have never saw snow before.
Your hyacinths will be blooming real soon now cannot wait to see the blue ones.

FlowerLady said...

It looks like fun was had in the snow. Glad you didn't break anything in your slip and fall. How neat to see your hyacinth grow. I look forward to seeing the blooms.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Busy Bee Suz said...

Buddy sure was having a good ol' time!!!
Your FALL..that sounds very painful. I got a pang in my stomach just readin it. you are so lucky you did not break anything.

That chair is so cool...very retro.
I scream when I see snakes too. Funny thing, I am not scared of them, they just always make me scream!!!
take care, Suz

Darla said...

The snow is so pretty but like any other weather is has it's 'down' falls....sorry, had to say it! Glad you are okay...your house is going to smell wonderful when that hyacinth Buddy! Can't wait to see your new seedlings..I do not do snakes either..

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hope your back feels better. When I take a fall like that, the first thing I do is look around to see who saw me:) Then I check to see if anything is broken.

Don't blame you about the snakes. I wouldn't go anywhere they might be.

Daisy said...

Your snow is pretty, but I hope it doesn't freeze anything that you already have budding outside there. Buddy looks so funny sitting there and trying to figure out what that snow is! HA! Sorry to hear that you fell. Hope the soreness goes away quickly.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you fell. Hope you are feeling better soon. Buddy is just cute as can be checking out the snow. Judging on your feet in the snow, that's about how much we had here in GA on Friday. Thankfully, it melted w/o ever getting icy. I love seeing your plants and hearing about your seed planting. Take care.

Kyna said...

cool snow pics! :) Your picture of your legs and feet in the snow is much more awesome than my pic of my legs and feet in the snow lol

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I sure hope your back is feeling better, that sounded painful. Seeing Buddy and his friend wrestle reminds me of how my dog and my friends dog plays, they get really rough.
The snow looks pretty!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Ah Becca, I have taken the same fall and it is painful !
Love your photos but all I can say is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Snow is everywhere this Feb, it seems. How fun it is--until you slip and fall;-( Your hyacinths are going to be wonderful...I just broke down and purchased 2 (a pink and a blue)and have them on my windowsill.

Bonnie said...

Glad you didn't get hurt! I haven't started planting any seeds yet. I can't wait to see something green. It is very white here. Loved your post today. Very cute dog!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think that Spring Hill is not such a great place to order from...I haven't heard anything good about them. Yew..I am afraid of sssnakes are very brave. So who is this man friend who took you into the ER when you were sick..having a little romance are ya?? Good for you! :)

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Becca ~ I see some cute 'jammies' there ... oh, that pooch reminds me of my Skipper, sniff!

Spring, you can see spring!? We had 54" of snow in MD & may not see spring until April or May ... not complaining tho, love every single flake that fell.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs ~ Marydon

Bloodhound said...

Nice to hear that someone can see signs of spring! I've heard the odd bird singing but then it comes cold again and everything is quiet again. Enjoy.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Becca: You are so lucky you didn't get hurt bad. My wife fell this year and broke some ribs. It was very painful for a month. Great photos of the snowfall.

Marilyn Jones said...

I would guess the chair is late '50's to early '60's.