Friday, June 11, 2010

Fertilizer Friday

Good Friday morning to all of you blogging buddies. Today is the day we join Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday. After you check out my goodies head on over here and see who else is flaunting their stuff today.

All I can say it's been so HOT here in lower Alabama. The heat index all week long has been in the triple digits and that makes it hard to do anything outdoors. I took the day off yesterday to be at the hospital for my son's surgery and there was a mix up between the hospital and the doctors office and the surgery is to be this morning and I can not be there today. My prayers are with him this morning.

Why can't I get my off days when I do not have to feel ill. Blood pressure dropped too low after I was out trying to cut my grass. It was very hot and I have never overheated before but that may be why it dropped. I don't know. I went in and just sat for a while and then ate since I had not eaten. I couldn't stand without feeling I was going to pass out. Pop thinks my potassium had maybe dropped. Whatever the case I am feeling better today even if the BP is up this morning to 157/103. Yesterday it dropped to 95/59. My gallbladder feels like it is about to explode any minute. Diverticulitis is also acting up. I am taking loratabs for pain and phergan. This will keep up till I have to go back to the hospital. Anyway that is enough of that.

Yesterday morning sky photo. The clouds are like small puffy mounds in the sky before it yielded for a very hot day.

Thought I'd show you the big picture of the front porch garden. This is looking east. Another morning of fogging the camera with humidity so high.

This is looking west. I have done a lot of deadheading and cutting plants back and pulling up a couple of spent plants. Yet to bloom are cosmos, daisy's, iris, dahlia and I forgot the others.

My flower of the week is this gorgeous hibuscus. This is Okra Hibuscus Yellow with Red Eye. The seeds came from Darla. These pretty blooms don't last but a day. This was taken in the morning and by 4 it was closing up and looked like it was dead. The plant resembles okra and the buds on the plant look like okra before it opens.

Canna is about to finish this flower and more are budding out. I sure hope my red one blooms.

I think this is my favorite zinnia. I love the petals on this one.

Forget me knots from seed.

Lovely dianthus.

Do you have a color theme? I didn't really plan that way but my colors in most of my beds are yellows, purple, blue, pinks and white. I like this combination as the yellows look good with any color.
What websites do you use for plant ID, specific growing information, gardening tips etc?
I'll be taking it easy this weekend and staying indoors mostly and visiting with my DIL and grandson - Ethan and Jimmy at the hospital.
Hope you have a great weekend.


Darla said...

First of all little missy, drink gatorade when you are working outside in this heat. Water is good some of the time, but does not replenish your body of what you lose from sweating. You probably have an electrolyte imbalance like I do. Seriously, take my suggestion. Your plants look great foggy lens and all, lol. It has been dreadfully hot here as well. Now the Ornamental Okra will reseed some but the seed pods will be different from the flowers. Take care of yourself, prayers for your son!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Becca, do be careful outside in the heat!!!

Your garden looks great. If I lived in a seriously hot area of the country, I don't know that I would be a gardener.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I hope the your son's surgery goes well. It sounds like you need to look after yourself a bit more as well! Your photos are lovely and I love the canna and the zinnia's, we used to have them all over the garden in S.Africa. Take care. Diane

Darla said...

Becca, the Rose of Sharon are easy to root....

AaronVFT said...

They are really beautiful, Becca!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers look pretty, every one of them. Please take care of yourself. I agree with the first person who left a comment .. drink Gatorade or something similar that will add back the electrolytes that you are losing on such hot days when working in the yard.

Sherrie said...

All your flowers are beautiful! Love those Forget-me-Nots. Gorgeous. Have a great day!

Sherrie's Stuff

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Hope you get to feeling better..
Your flowers made me smile, they are all so very beautiful.
Yes, the heat gets to me also, once I was young and enjoyed it, now not so much ;)

Angel said...

Oh Becca, That's just too darn Hot & Humid!!, even for a body that doesn't have medical issues! You really need to be careful in that Heat.Along with all the other advise .... try to do your outside chores either in the early morn or evening . Now that I've stuck my 2 cents worth in :)Your gardens look Lovely!!!Love the Okra Hibiscus.Never thought of using a website to id the plants ..., although maybe I should considering I seem not to be able to remember the Proper names of
Good thoughts & prayers for your Son.And Becca take care of yourself!:)Enjoy your weekend!

bennie and patsy said...

my what a time you are having, sure hope you and son will be okay. Your hard work has payed off your flowers are lovely.

A Garden of Threads said...

You have a beautiful garden, you should take it easy in the heat and just enjoy looking at the garden. Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Take it easy Becca, that heat and humidity will get you down. We have had high humidity here with 90degrees today. That yellow hibiscus is beautiful, and I am a zinnia lover also.


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi Becca. Your white zinnias are my favorites too. They are just so pretty. I am going to have to seed some next year. Your Okra is blooming and mine is so little yet. I hope the bugs do not get them. They have the prettiest blooms. Your beds are looking so terrific.
Email me your address and I will get the Columbine seeds out to you when they are dried.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Noelle said...

Hello Becca,

I love that even with all that you are going through, that you still take time to focus on the beauty outside of your door. Your flowers are looking so lovely. The fogged up camera is a real novelty here in the desert ;-)

My prayers go out to your son and to you as well.

Little Messy Missy said...

So pretty!! Get hydrated and hope your son's surgery went well!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

You and your son are in my prayers.
PLEASE be very careful in this heat !!! You can get heatstroke very easily.
Love your beautiful gardens.


Ginger said...

Becca - love the hibiscus and canna!

My favorite site is Floridata.

I had such plans for this weekend but I think it's just too hot. Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Try drinking Powerade when you're outside working. It tastes better than Gatorade. Hope you feel better. I've only been to Bama once. I was shocked when I went from indoors to out that my glasses fogged up. But I must say I was having garden envy! Your blooms are beautiful.

Daisy said...

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, Becca. I hope you feel better soon. Your flowers are all looking great!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures of your flowers, Becca... I love all of your colors too. Be careful out in the heat in those high temps--especially if you haven't eaten. My hubby drinks Gatorade and it seems to help.

Hope your son's surgery goes okay... Sorry they messed up and that you have to miss it. Keep us posted.

Prayers and Hugs,

George said...

I'm glad you decided to take it easy over the weekend. You really do need to be careful in this hot, humid weather -- Betsy is always getting after me to come in during such weather. You do have a beautiful garden.
Thanks for stopping by my site.

Tootsie said...

I do hope you are feeling better by now...I have a few spells where I pass out in the past...hate that feeling.
I hope your son has success and recovers quickly...and ....
the garden is looking awesome in spite of the heat!
Thanks for linking in...hope to see you again next Friday!
take care of yourself