Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This and That

This is what greeted me this morning. The sky was actually a redder sky than it shows. Beautiful non-the less.

I have admired this tree for a long time. It is at one of the clinics I go to. Just wanted to share it with you.

The tree is a water oak and apparently has never been trimmed. I like that it has been allowed to grow just like it wants to.
I can vision ladies back in the 'day' with their long dresses on waiting for a picnic under the tree.

This was the sky this weekend. So glad to see those clouds. They brought much needed rain to our area.

After the rains I found some things that wanted to shout - thanks for the moisture from the skies.
Begonias with a bug. He's just resting though.

A tropical hibuscus. It was very small when I planted it and it is going to take off in the spring. It is happy to grow now since I removed so much that was shading it.
This is one I saw yesterday morning...

I let most of my zinnias go to seed this year and I have little zinnias growing everywhere.
And they all have little buds on top of them.
This morning there were 4 of these babies open. They must be real proud of the rain.
The tree service came out yesterday and look at my pecan tree. The utility companies keep the trees cut back away from the utility lines and this is what my tree looks like now. They cut the side of it off. Oh well it'll grow back.

That's about it today.

Have a blessed day everyone.


Darla said...

Our plants were thankful for the rain.....nice sky photos. I always hate it when the electrical company trims the trees....

Daisy said...

Pretty sky picture, and I really love the water oak tree, Becca. It does seem to hearken back to earlier days. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The Oak is beautiful. I love when trees are allowed to grow in their natural shape with lots of space around them. The utility company hacks up plenty of trees around here too, but so many people around here planted large trees right under the power lines and they end up causing problems during wind storms.
Glad you got the rain you needed.

RainGardener said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA!!!!! I know I'm late but have a happy happy rest of the day anyway and I hope it's been good so far.
Love that oak tree - I can just see those ladies under that tree too. Course I'm a tree lover from way back.
In fact have a happy rest of the year! ;-)

Jean said...

Becca, A belated Happy Birthday to you. I hope you had a great day! I enjoyed reading your b'day post and the pics. Also love this old tree. Just beautiful! Jean

charsgardening said...

Not sure how far Citronelle Al is from Navarre Fl but we also got some much needed rain this past week end. That oak tree is amazing.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

We have had a few clouds but no rain to go with them! The huge tree at the clinic is quite beautiful, I would like to picnic under there. Diane

AaronVFT said...

That poor tree... Like you said, it will grow back so no worries. Love your flowers.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh how I hate it when the utility company comes by and cuts back the SIDE of our trees in front... They look horrible --but you are right. They do grow back.

Glad you got the rain. We didn't get much at all --but were cloudy and cool for two days.

Beautiful sky pictures, and I love that big Oak tree. It looks like the Live Oaks we see in Fl and southern GA. They actually touch the ground. Amazing.

bennie and patsy said...

If it would rain here I think I will do a rain dance to welcome it.

Janean said...

our zinnias are taking off like WEEDS!

beautiful tree.

Sunny Day said...

Love the sunrise. I too like it when plants are allowed to grow as nature intended.

We finally got a little rain about over a month without any. I just hope we get some again soon.

sewingseeds4U said...

So much beauty all around you. Your pictures are great. We had two trees taken out this year that the electric company butchered every year. We replaced them with more appropriate trees that shouldn't affect the lines. I was sad to see them go none the less. Patty

Stuff could always be worse said...

Love the photos, especially the water oak! Thanks for sharing.
found you on another site!

Kyna said...

Beautiful oak!

I spent so much time complaining about not having rain, and now were getting a summer's worth of rain in 4 days. Winds are nasty. My neighbour's apple tree uprooted this morning.

Hope your rain isn't quite as nasty lol

BeautifulWreck said...

The weather here has been great don't you think? I love it and so happy our fall like weather is here.

O, I have been meaning to tell you. We signed up for 4H this year and Jr. Master Gardner. I am learning right along with the kids!

David & Kelsie's Country Home said...

Sorry to read about your pecan tree, I hope you sent the bill to the power company for having to have it pruded to fix their butchering job...We had a pine in NC that was ready to fall on the house because the Power company over pruned it on one side and then with the rain turning the clay soft it was leaning on the verge of toppling...Thank goodness we came home when we did from vacation, I called them straight away and they sent out a team to remove the entire tree within an hour (it was so close to falling over)...the lead guy from the power company was gobsmacked and we that it had been pruned to that point to begin with.

Nice to see your flowers enjoying the much needed rain...Ours have enjoyed it too this week.

Take care

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! I just love that big, old tree. It is interesting and looks like a great place to lay on a blanket and take a nap.

Betsy B. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love the big tree. It kinda reminds me of the tree from Gone With The Wind.

I have a "helper" too! Except mine is all black. She thinks if I go into another room she has to go too. I love having her keep me company.

Southern Eclectic

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

That tree is gorgeous...It is difficult to have a tree that isn't impacted by buildings, power lines etc. I sure have missed having begonias this year...the weather has been too hot and dry this year for them to grow here...Hopefully we will get some of that rain soon!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Yumi's Blog said...

I love your garden! Wish I can also have a healthy garden like yours. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.


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