Thursday, January 26, 2012

Storms on the Way

Yesterday it was mostly clouded and very windy but I managed to catch the sky looking south between some clouds. I love cirrus clouds. They are so wispy.

Today on the other hand is not looking so good. Lots of rain and winds are on the way and we are under a tornado watch. You can feel the disturbed weather. You can feel pockets of hot air blowing. Praying for our people up North AL to have to deal with this weather today after the destruction on Monday from tornadoes. I forgot the death toll but 4-6 people were killed. It is so sad that the same areas that were hit last April saw this stuff on Monday. Yikes. Over 400 homes were destroyed.

But look what I found blooming this morning. My first daffodil. The plants look so scrawny and small. I expect that they aren't going to do so well this year since we haven't had any winter to speak of. I expect that that would be the reason the hyancinths didn't have any size to them. Anyway it is pretty even if the photo is blurry. It is hard to get that low to the ground without shaking.

Take care and have a nice day. Hope everyone is safe today.


Loretta said...

We had this storm rained two days, but today it is cloudy. Watch out for the harsh weather, it was bad! Hugs

HolleyGarden said...

Stay safe in the storms. They have passed us. Your first daffodil! How exciting! I haven't seen any here yet. I laughed at you saying how hard it is to get so low to the ground to get pictures of the bloom. I know my husband wonders sometimes why I'm laying on the ground!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---love the daffodil, Becca... SO pretty!!!!

LOTS of RAIN here today ---AGAIN... What a rainy winter we are having!


Gatsbys Gardens said...

How great to see that first daffodil!


Lona said...

Daffodils already. How wonderful! Mine are still growing and that is just strange period.We had lots of rain over night. Just what we needed.LOL!
Have a wonderful week!

Lesa said...

Thanks so much for visiting! I enjoy your posts so much and it's great to see your first daffodil. I used to live in NC where we could grow them, but in my part of FL we can only force them in pots and then toss later. Something in me balks at that when I remember vast gardens full of daffy's when I was a child. Congratulations on getting the picture. I'm afraid I can get down, but I'm not sure I could get up! Have a gorgeous Friday and be safe!

Basil Becky said...

I am so excited to see the first yellow bloom. I just wrote about daffodils and my family history and lore with the bulbs.

Susan said...

I feel so bad for those people up north of you from the tornadoes. Everytime I hear of a tornado in Alabama, I hope and pray it's not you getting that storm. The flower is beautiful. Bright star on the horizon! Take care Becca!