Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Gardens

UGGGHHH Blogger has gone thru some changes this morning. I hate forced changes. I also hate learning new computer stuff.

My gardens are getting busy with bees, bugs, butterflys, weeds, and plants and flowers and me of course. And this is the best time of year in my book when there is so much green and new colors in the garden beds. I love driving up to my house and seeing the gardens as I come down the street.

All of these pics are from only one of my gardens. This is beside the driveway in front.

Dahlia Figaro seeds are doing well here in this bed. Do you think I'll have any blooms? I hope so as they are in a spot that there must be some color.

Some of you identified this one as Yarrow. I've never grown this before. I had no idea that it is a spreader. All of the shoots near the bottom are growing new plants beside it. Am I gonna hate this. It seems to be a rapid spreader?

I believe this is echinacea. The echinacea I have in my yard not just this garden is coming up from seed. This one is from seed. It has a foxglove beside it and they are fighting for space. Hoping for some pretty blooms. There a couple of echinacea plants here.

Foxglove that is growing from seed. All of my foxglove is from seed except the one I bought yesterday. I sure am hoping that I get some blooms this year.

Help me out here. I think this is larkspur. Is it?

Yesterday I could'nt resist more snapdragons. I purchased every one they had. But check it out. When I went out to take these pics I realized I had left these uncovered. 

I had already taken my bath but I got out and covered them up. It's OK I didn't mind getting my hands dirty again.

All covered up and snuggled into the soil.

I found some pretty dahlias yesterday 'Dahlia Dahlinova'. The sun was directly on them so the pic is kinda bright.

My first foxglove - 'Foxglove Camelot'. There was no selection of foxgloves yesterday and they are pricey too. Can you see the poppie plants? I am still hoping for a bloom since they are growing pretty good now. 

I have enjoyed shopping at Home Depot garden center this year. They have had the best selections in plants and they are very healthy.

So this is what the garden looks like now. There is butterfly bush and milkweed and lots of dianthus, cannas and plenty of hollyhocks, echinacea and a few more I can't think of right now going to bloom in this garden. Keeping the green thumbs crossed.

Excuse the blury picture. Mosquitos were biting me and I jerked. The mosquitos and many other bugs are worse than usual this year due to the unusually warm winter. Sometimes its hard to be outside - constantly swatting.

I surprised mom with some flowers and dirt and planted her garden yesterday. She was tickled to death. She was napping when I got there and it was done when she woke up. I planted lantana, mexican heather, salvia, begonias, snapdragons and pentas. She has some seeds in here too and I didn't want to disturb too many of them. I may have to go back and fill in where the seeds don't make it this year.

At mom's.

I can't believe how big this fern is.

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Becca, That Dahlia Figaro should bloom, I love that plant. Your Yarrow may take over..just yank out whatever you don't may want to catch the flowers before they go to seed.

Be sure when you are planting that you rip apart the root ball of each and every that it is stimulated to reach out and grow instead of just balling up.
The Echinacea and Foxglove are awfully close together..I would move the foxglove to a different area.
Your Mom's flowers are looking good..I hope she is getting along okay:)

Sunray Gardens said...

What pretty blooms you have all over the place. As for the Yarrow, my understanding with the one you have is it takes over pretty quick. They have another one which is not the filly laceleaf foliage that doesn't do that, it just gets a little bigger each year like all perennials.

Cher Sunray Gardens

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Becca your garden is going to be stunning in a very short time. We are still struggling with the nights going down to 1C and my plants are not happy in general. I still have all my veg seedlings in pots as I am scared to plant them out. Wish I could afford to tunnel them but I can't :( Diane

April said...

I told Luci you wanted to help her with her little garden and she is thrilled, so she's waiting for you. She pulled out some of the grass/weeds yesterday. We'll get by the garden center at some point and get soil, etc...but will wait and let you help her pick out her flowers.

Marydon said...

Becca, we are many sufferin gfrom this blogger STUFF BUNK & NONSENSE!!! There is a place on the lower portion to feedback them, do it ... we all are. I vehemently dislike change & think this setup is horrible. No dashboard found either ... it is hit & miss from memory who I follow.

Your gardens are just beautiful, anxious to see all the blooms as it continues to bloom.

Have a beautiful weekend ~

FlowerLady said...

Wow, you've got a lot of lovelies growing in your driveway garden and I can see why you love seeing it when you come home.

Your Mom's garden looks really nice too.

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

lemonverbenalady said...

I think there are a lot of us who are upset about the changes at Blogger. You aren't alone. The flower you need help with I think is cosmos! There are dwarf ones and then there are tall ones. In my experience some times it is just all foliage until almost the very end of the season and then they flower August or Sept here until frost. Others bloom earlier. Yarrow typically clumps for me, but maybe in Alabama it goes crazy! Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers, Becca. xxoo Nancy

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becca Sweetie...
Oh what a beautiful share today. Your gardens are looking absolutely beautiful. I also love the shepherd's hook with your lantern. That really gives it a little country look that I so adore.

Can't wait to see everything in its' glory. So, so pretty.

So happy that you went and perked up your sweet Momma's garden as well. I bet she was tickled to the moon and back.

Have a glorious weekend dear one. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Joani said...

The garden looks fabulous. So kind of you to plant for your mom and I bet she was thrilled. Here in Arizona, we are hitting over 100 degrees today & the next couple...plants will be wilting. Lots of my garden has bloomed and ready for the summer stuff which isn't much cuz of the heat. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Lona said...

You are filling those beds up Becca. What a thoughtful idea to make your Moms flower bed. I love that Camelot Foxglove. Save me a few seeds will you? Those dahlias are so pretty. Up here the Yarrow does not spread but the plants get fuller. It is colder here though. Have a wonderful weekend. It is rainy and cool here today.

Daisy said...

What a sweet gift for you to do that for your Mom, Becca. Everything looks so lovely. I enjoyed seeing all your blooms. Have a nice weekend!:)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Becca, you did a great job. You are such a good daughter!

What are the blogger issues I keep reading about?


~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You have a great looking garden bed there. Yarrow doesn't spread too fast. Just pull out what you don't want. Such a great treat for your mom to have a pretty garden bed.

Susan said...

Wow, your garden is coming along!And what a nice thing to do for your mother. How is she doing?

Olive Cooper said...

So sweet of you to plant your mom's garden. I would love some foxglove.

Darla said...

Becca my dear, everything looks great. I really believe the dahlia will bloom this year. Your really should separate the coneflower and the foxglove. Which ever one you move will be pissed off for several days, just keep it watered. They yarrow can spread pretty quickly if it's really happy. I try NOT to water mine and that has helped in it staying manageable. It does like hot and dry areas. You can always put it in a large container and place the container in the mist of the plants. You can have several containers of it as fillers...I am still not sure that's larkspur, it also looks like cosmos. Need to go look at mine. It could be larkspur though. That's too funny about leaving the snaps uncovered. You should get poppy you pinch the tops out of the red salvia? If you do, your plants will get fuller....I'll hush now. I have not forgotten about your request for poppy and larkspur seeds. As soon as I collect some they will be on their way. Plant them in the fall of course..... :)

Jess said...

For the yarrow: it depends on the kind that it is. Here in Charleston it doesn't spread too terribly, though one plant will grow large.. they also tend to flop so stake them while they are young.

The echinacea definitely looks like echinacea..these are some of my favorites and bloom their heads off in the heat of the summer when everything else struggles.

keewee said...

Becca, you have some wonderful color in your garden. I know what you mean about blogger, it does take a little getting used to.

stephaniegiron16 said...

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