Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Blue Hyancinth - Watching It Bloom

This is my very first Hyancinth. I was in awe as I watched it change everyday. I captured it daily because it was growing so fast.

Hope you enjoy this presentation.

The following photo displays the perfect bloom. Click for a close up.

I have a question - What's up with the pink one with all this blue.

I think my lettuce and broccoli has found a perfect spot and will produce very well. They are already responding to their new location.

I can't wait to see the peach tree all flowered out. It is a sure sign of spring. The buds are just now turning pink and will open up soon.

Hope you all have a great gardening day. I hate to hear more snow and cold weather is on its way. Hopefully we'll ALL be done with the cold of winter and welcome spring.

Monday, February 22, 2010

This and That Weekend

We were expecting some beautiful weather and warmer days and we got it . Friday was a beautiful 60 degrees and Sat and part of Sun were beautiful. Clouds began to move in on Sun but still it was a good day too. I got out and accomplished a lot this weekend.

On Sunday I was running out of time getting the broccoli and lettuce in the ground. I was scrambling for edging for this bed. I was able to use a thin piece of flashing from the house that wasn't usable. I put it to use. I also found some plates in the shed we worked on this weekend and they were perfect. The broccoli and lettuce will be very happy here facing the south. I amended the already rich soil with some compost I made last year and mixed it in well. What you see on top is the seed start mix they started in. The backside of this area will be filled in with leaves or whatever. That is the drip line off the house.

Speaking of compost - I learned a lesson this week - don't use green onions that still have the roots on them. They will try to root in the compost. They won't decompose unless you remove the root.

I have a question - do you think I will need to cover this with plastic with the cooler temps coming in? The lows are going into the low 30's. Help me garden Buddies.

This is the front porch bed I started last weekend. I started out with a curved front. Well I had to keep evening it up....

after evening it up 3 times this is what I ended up with. The area is about 6 1/2' wide and 13' or so long. I think this will hold a lot flowers. I have to finish up the edging and rake it out with some added fine garden soil with vermiculite. This garden will receive 6 or so hours of sun a day.
I am looking forward to filling it up. There is another garden in the front that I will be enlarging too and also a garden around the pecan tree in the front to work on.

This will be the new spot for a veggie garden. You see here it is the middle of the day and there is plenty of sun. Any poor plants like the Dusty Miller in this area will be relocated.

This is where the veggie garden was last year. It is the middle of the day like the other photo but it is shade. This is why my garden didn't fare so well last year.

My friend and I worked hard on the shed out back burning lots of trash and limbs and clearing out an area that was snakey looking. There are still many good finds in the shed but look what I salvaged this trip. I have not had a real dining table in 5 years and well this one is going to work fine. It had car oil and all kinds of other stuff on it and was covered in webs but it cleaned up nice. It is old and VERY heavy and solid wood.

Another find in the shed. It is in perfect condition with a little rust but it is going to clean up nicely too. I need a little paint and some cushions. (Please don't look at how dirty my porch is - It needs painting and powerwashing but will come later. I've only lived here 2 years and you should've seen it before I moved in). I love the iron work on the chair and its fan shaped back.

Do you know what this is? Take a good look. Well some of you do - it's a BIG Christmas tree stand. My first thought - oh that looks good and usable for some plants and then I saw what it is and I still intend to use it for that. It will work great - put some holes in the bottom and dress up the thing in the center and WA-LA. It'll look good up in the garden bed.

Of the seeds I planted - this is the only lupine up and it's the Russell Strain Lupines from Hometown seeds. No others are even hinting at coming up yet.

This is the tray of Red Breadseed Poppies I received from Catherine at A Garden in Progress. OK Catherine - tell me how much do I need to thin these babies out. The seeds are so tiny there was no chance of just dropping a couple of seeds. Look at them. I think I will have lots of poppies. After taking the photo I put up the Foil folders to keep them from reaching out the window so bad.

Since I was into getting dirty this weekend I repotted the house plants too. These 3 containters I picked up 2 weeks ago at Walmart for $3. a piece on clearance. I love the red, orange and the yellow colors.

The green pot I picked up at the Goodwill. I love it.

Well that wraps up a busy weekend.
I've had a couple of comments asking me about my 'friend'. He is a fellow I broke up with last year. It's one of those - I like to be around ya and have some fun but ain't gonna live with ya. He drinks too much and never stops talking and is extremely messy. I like him and enjoy his company but I don't think I'll ever marry again and don't think I'll ever live with another man either. His name is John.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Sunny and Warmer Weekend!!!

The 'Ole Weatherman' is calling for a weekend half filled with sunshine and warmer weather. How ya like my description. Optimistic it is. Actually the next few days are going to be very nice. It is beautiful outside here today and it just makes me anxious to get off work today.

I just came from WM and picked up some potting mix to go into the new porch garden - unnamed yet. I am getting it ready to do some direct seed sowing and plant some things I need to get in the ground. I am also getting an area out the back door garden for these babies. See how big they are. I am planting them this weekend and will begin some new seeds in these containers.

The lettuce will be ready to eat in maybe 3-4 weeks, I'm hoping anyway.

The broccoli is also getting big. I have no idea how long it takes broccoli to make but I'll be as happy as a lark when I cook me some. It might be just enough for me.
I have to tell you about my grandson last year. My daughters 3 kids have taken and interest in gardening the last couple of years. Last year - The Oldest grew some snap beans. He would pick 1 or 2 pods every few days. At the end of the week, April cooked a can of snap beans to go with dinner and cooked The Oldest kids beans separate for him to eat. He said that was the best beans he ever ate. I am very proud of Gavin, Ben and Luci (daughters 3) for taking an interest and for wanting to grow their own veggies.
Hope you all have a great weekend and that it is warmer.
(PS sorry I haven't been around much lately but this is the new year and I am still closing the books for last year and I am very busy. I'll be back around more in a few weeks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

This and That

SNOW - in Mobile County namely in Citronelle. Citronelle is 30 some odd miles from City of Mobile where it measured 1/2". I received at least 5" plus and it was beautiful. I cannot remember when it snowed this much here. It began to snow around 5:15a on Fri and snowed till 3 in the afternoon.

It is still snowing in this photo.
Buddy is in the snow and he doesn't know what to think of this stuff. So he just sat down on it and looked at it swirling around his head.

See my foot prints.

While the snow swirled around his head be decided to catch some of the funny stuff falling from the sky.

Click to enlarge. Buddy is not on a leash and he is burying his head in the snow. He was so fun to watch. Like a kid romping and hopping through the snow. Since he wasn't he didn't come home for 40 minutes and I did not go after him - still snowing. I don't go after him anymore - that seems to encourage him to go farther because he can see me. When he can't see me anymore he'll hang closer.

I set the iron bird feeder in the middle of the yard and little birds flocked to it. They were so pretty in the snow and they were hungry too. See the one flying in from the top left.

On Saturday I was coming out the door going to Moms when my foot slipped on the ice on the second step - my feet into the air and I landed on my butt just below the tail bone and hit the back step with the middle of my back. Fortunately I didn't break anything. I'm just sore. The snow was melting and melting off the house onto the porch and formed a piece of black ice on one step. Lesson learned - hold onto something going down and watch for ice after a freeze.
Buddy played inside with his little friend - Molly. Molly is rat terrier and is on the other side of Buddy going at it.

Molly has pinned him down and was going for the choke hold when Buddy rared up to bite her. These two wrestle like WWE.

Of course me being the flower minded person that I am I couldn't stay out the dirt any longer. I began to have some withdrawals so I planted me some seeds. I planted Red Breadseed Poppies, Snapdragons, Lupines and Russell Strain Lupines from Hometown Seeds. The lettuce and broccoli is soon going in the ground to make room for more seeds. And I love that the seed sprouting containers are reusable.

Check out my Blue Hyacinth. This photo was this morning and the next photo was yesterday. (didn't load them right) It grew so much overnight.

I have been checking outdoors for new growth.
Here my hydrangea from Springhill Nursery appears to be coming along. This is going to be transferred to the new porch garden real soon. I spent 40 something on plants from Springhill Nursery last year and this is the only one living. Won't do that again.

The pear tree is budding but isn't so pretty yet. This is the peach tree - every tip has a bud. This is what it looked like yesterday. Sun shining and pretty skies. The snow is still melting today.
This is the blueberry bush with buds on every tip.

The bridal wreath is budding out nicely.

Since the snakes aren't active yet I stepped into my shed out back - just the first 8'. Don't laugh - I'm scared of anything moving in there while I'm standing there. I might have a heart attack while I'm screaming.
Anyway this is one thing I've been wanting to take out of there. Look what good shape it is in. There are 2 more out there but the seats are kinda eaten. Darn Critters.
Look at the back - isn't it neat. I don't know how old it may be - probably from the 60's. Got any idea?

Hope you all are having good weather. Happy Gardening and Planning.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Give-A-Way Winners

The winners for my blogiversary are - coming in first is Raingardener and second is Busy Bee Suz. Many of you have already visited these great blogs. Raingardener writes Gardening by Trial and Error and she is so smart about the gardening stuff. She has some beautiful gardens. Linda writes about gardening and vintage thingy's and home just to name a few. Check out Raingardener at: http://gardeningbytrialanderror.blogspot.com/. Linda has won seeds from Hometown Seeds and a bird feeder.

And Busy Bee Suz - I love to check out what she is writing about. All different kinds of stuff from gardening, home, and cooking. Check out Sue blog at: http://daybydaywithsuz.blogspot.com/. Sue has won seeds from Hometown Seeds.

I believe the seeds that you will receive will be the package I received from them which would include the lettuce and broccoli I currently have growing, carrots, cilantro, tomatoes, wildflower mix, Shasta Alaska Daisy, Snapdragons and I can't remember the others. I believe you will be pleased. Your seeds will be shipped directly to you from Hometown Seeds.
Both of these blogs are 'blogs I love to read'.

Congratulations to these lucky winners. Please email me ladies with your address.

Ya'll have a great weekend and stay warm. This is horrible weather seemingly everywhere. We are expecting 3" where I live.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dreaming of Warmer Days

Winter is the time of promise because there is so little to do - or because you can now and then permit yourself the luxury of thinking so. Stanley Crawford

This is how I feel everyday lately - l feel like I have little to do because I cannot get outside. There is plenty to do inside so I'll have to be content with what I have going on inside. The ole weather man is telling us there is a 'substantial' chance of snow on Fri. He is saying 'conditions are stacking up for more snow than we've had in 25 years' - well that part can be exciting.

Our hours at work have been cut - barely getting 29 hours. Don't know when things will change. The trickle down effect is that my bills aren't getting paid properly. Lots to worry about. This also creates more spare time but this is not useful now - I can see where it could be in spring. More time to garden. This also means less money to spend on the gardens. Some things will have to make me a little more creative.

This is what I do everyday when I come home. I drag out the seed trays, seed starting mix and line up the seeds I want to start. I stare at it for a while before putting it away for warmer days ahead. I expect maybe 1 or 2 more weeks I'll start these tiny little seeds. Ya know isn't it beautiful to stop and think how these tiny little seeds can grow so big and absolutely stunning flowers.

These are the seeds I plan to start first. Snapdragons, lupines, foxglove, Lupines Russell Strain mix, Shasta Alaska Daisy and Johnny Jump Ups Viola.

Even my gloves are waving me on. "I need some fresh dirt on me" You know the commercial where the dirty mop is trying to get you back from the 'Swiffer'. This is my version.

I have to be content with some plants indoors. The house plant here is needing to be separated. Have to save this project till I can buy me some potting mix.

My broccoli is really looking good. The seedlings are getting bigger and stronger. I've been feeding them every 2-3 weeks with a light mixture of all purpose plant food.

The lettuce is also doing well. Can't wait to make a salad. This is my first experience with lettuce and broccoli.

In the meantime the shelving awaits a mess of seeds.

That's all my ranting for Wednesday. Ya'll stay warm and cozy and have a nice day.

Don't forget to sign up for the give-a-way on the previous post. I will be drawing in the morning and sending out congrats. OK

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Blogiversary! I'm Having A Give-A-Way

I never knew I could enjoy my computer as much as I do now having made so many friends on here. I still can't believe anyone finds anything really interesting on here to read but it makes me happy that ya'll do.

This is going to short and easy here.

Just leave a comment any time from now thru Wed night ON THIS POST and on Thursday Feb`11 there will be a drawing for 2 winners.

What are you going to receive?

Well let's see here - something I know that every gardener will want more of is seeds. Hometown is congratulating me by offering seeds to my winners. There will be 2 winners for seed packets. I am also giving away a bird feeder. Sorry no photos but it will be deco.

Good Luck.

PS Many thanks to all of my blogger friends sending a prayer my way. I am feeling much better. Been resting this weekend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Last Night it Was The Hospital

Ya'll I am not a hypochondriac. I became so sick yesterday morning. I spent the day hugging the toilet. I hurt so bad all I could do was rock back and forth and moan and cry. When I lay down all I could do was squirm. I became dehydrated since I couldn't hold any liquids on my stomach. My man friend came to check on me and wouldn't take no for an aswer about the hospital. I have never had such pain that it caused me to be delireous but I was confused and could not think reasonable at all. The ER sent me home with an RX for pain and phenagren suppositories. They say I had 2 injections while at the hospital but I don't remember much of anything. I don't recall them telling me what was wrong. Probably a stomach bug.

I am feeling a little better today - no pain except lots of soreness and tender feeling in my abdomen. I am at work today. I wish I could have stayed home but since our hours have been cut already it is going to kill my pocket book to lose another days work.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Saw the Doctor

Doctor put me back on Nexium to see if that makes a difference. He also gave me some phenagren but I won't take that except as a last resort. I took Nexium for a couple of years and then just quit. Hopefully it will do the trick. I go back in a month to see the doctor.

When the weather pretties up around here I feel the need to get in the gardens and play in the dirt for a while. We are having some lovely weather for a few days and Thur some heavy thunderstorms. So I have today and tomorrow afternoon to play. The weekend is looking beautiful though even if still on the cool side. I am planning on completing the front porch garden and enlarge the round garden in the front. I am going to name my gardens just as soon as I come up with something.

After thinning the lettuce and broccoli this weekend and fertilizing - wow there is already some new leaves on the babies. I hope to get these in the ground soon - even if I have to protect them. I can't wait to have some home grown lettuce - I've never grown lettuce before or broccili for that matter.

Ya'll lets hope that the groundhog was wrong today. Phil is calling for 6 more weeks of winter. I'm just gonna think positive here.

Hope you have a great day and stay warm.

Well I've got work to do so I must go - but I'll be around to visit you.

Monday, February 1, 2010

This and That Weekend

I had a good weekend. Since Friday was calling for rain I planned for a weekend indoors. I picked up some paint and painted my kitchen baseboards and wall splash board behind my sink cabinet. My choice of paint colors got a few people wandering what was I thinking. I painted a light lavender which matches a color in my wallpaper. I know lavender is a color for a bedroom or bathroom not really a kitchen. Well I finished and said to myself - what was I thinking. Oh well this is a girls kitchen and a girls house. I can do anything I want.

My mom was thinking of me while eating at the Cracker Barrell and picked me up a shirt. Isn't it cute. I love it.

Another project was to put this together. The shelving will allow me to do more seeds. I know it is not adequate for all of my needs but it certainly is going to help. The curtain really needs to be removed. I hate to have uncovered windows especially in the bedroom. I'll have to think about this a while.

I thinned the plants again this weekend but may need to do some further thinning. Fellow bloggers you tell me. There are about 3 sprigs in each hole. With the cold weather we are experiencing I think I should delay planting the lettuce and broccoli for another week or two.

I heavily thinned the lettuce but still has 3-5 in each hole. The plants may look a little off kilter here and that is because I had to add more seed starting mix to give them more room for roots.

I have been experiencing a lot of nausea in the mornings for many months. I am able to get up just a little bit of bile. It is getting worse everyday. I am afraid my gall bladder is going to burst if I don't get seen about. I am going to the doctors tomorrow. I do not have any insurance and our hours have been cut badly. I hope that something can be done before it bursts.
I've got to get back to work. Hope you all have a great day.